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LGBTQ Fertility Clinic in Virginia Beach, VA: CCRM Fertility

Serving The Virginia Beach & Hampton Roads Area

Why CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach is the Leading Choice for LGBTQ Fertility Services

CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach has proven to be a safe & inclusive option for LGBTQ families in the making, without ever sacrificing on the innovative and comprehensive fertility services. We offer specialized fertility treatments for gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals and couples, including IUI and IVF with donor sperm, and use of donor eggs and gestational carriers. CCRM places a strong emphasis on mental health support, requiring all patients using third-party reproduction services to consult with their mental health team. We are committed to being actively involved in community engagement, partnering with organizations like Family Equality to educate and support LGBTQ families in their parenthood journey. Our staff undergoes continuous training to address the unique needs of the LGBTQ community effectively. Renowned for our high success rates, CCRM utilizes in-house experts and data to deliver successful fertility treatments, evidenced by the 100,000+ babies born through their services. This approach to LGBTQ family planning is both empathetic and scientifically advanced, making CCRM Fertility a leader in inclusive fertility healthcare.


Comprehensive LGBTQ Fertility Solutions at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach

For inclusive and expert LGBTQ fertility solutions, CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach offers a range of services tailored to meet your unique family building needs. Learn more about our dedicated LGBTQ Fertility services at CCRM Fertility Clinic.

Fertility Options for Lesbian Individuals and Couples at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach, VA

At CCRM Fertility, we understand the specific fertility needs of lesbian individuals and couples. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI): A popular and less invasive option. Learn more IUI options in Virginia Beach.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) with Donated Sperm: Utilizing advanced IVF techniques with donated sperm. Explore options.
  • Reciprocal IVF Treatment: Offering a unique opportunity for both partners to participate biologically. Discover more.
  • Egg & Sperm Donation: Providing a range of donor options. Find out more.

Fertility Options for Gay Individuals and Couples Fertility at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach

Gay individuals and couples seeking to start a family can find a supportive and comprehensive environment at CCRM Fertility:

Transgender Fertility Support at CCRM Fertility

CCRM Fertility is committed to supporting the transgender community with tailored fertility solutions:

For more information about LGBTQ Family Building or other fertility treatments at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach, please contact us. We are here to support your journey to parenthood.


Meet the Expert team of LGBTQ+ Friendly Fertility Specialists in Virginia Beach, VA

Robin Poe-Zeigler
Robin Poe-ZeiglerMD

The Queer Fertility Journey Process at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach

Step 1: Set Up a Consultation at CCRM Fertility

Begin your journey with a comprehensive consultation at CCRM Fertility. Our experts conduct diagnostic tests such as ultrasound, blood tests, uterine analysis, ovarian evaluation, and semen analysis to create a personalized fertility plan. These tests are crucial in forming a strategy tailored to your unique path to parenthood.

Step 2: Collaborate with Your CCRM Care Team

Your dedicated team at CCRM, including fertility specialists, genetic counselors, nurses, psychologists, and coordinators, will support you through the complexities of third-party reproduction, ensuring a seamless and guided experience.

Step 3: Create Your Unique Family with CCRM

CCRM empowers you to explore a variety of LGBTQ+ family building options. Whether it’s deciding on egg or sperm donors or considering gestational surrogacy, our fertility specialists are here to help you navigate these choices, ensuring your path to parenthood is as unique as your family.

Understanding Costs and Financing for LGBTQ Fertility Treatments at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach

CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach  is committed to providing clear and transparent information about the costs associated with fertility treatments. They understand that the financial aspect of fertility treatments can be a significant concern for many individuals and couples, including those from the LGBTQ+ community. We also partner with financing providers, offer multi-cycle packages to help make treatment more affordable, and we work with fertility financing specialists to help patients manage the financial aspects of their treatment. Additionally, CCRM provides resources to help patients understand their insurance coverage for fertility treatments, including various refund and multi-cycle programs.

Accepted Insurances in Virginia Beach, VA

  • Aetna – PPO / POS
  • BC/BS – PPO / POS / HMO (i.e. Healthkeepers)
  • Cigna – PPO / POS / HMO
  • Carrot
  • Coresource
  • Fed BC/Bs
  • First Health
  • Golden Rule
  • Kindbody
  • Maven
  • Optimum Choice
  • Oxford Health
  • PHCS
  • Progyny
  • Sentara
  • Unicare
  • UHC – PPO’s
  • VHN
  • WINFertility

TRICARE: While we do not currently participate with Tricare, we do honor Tricare allowables for covered services.

CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach also offers Military discounts on non-covered ART services.

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