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About Us

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As global pioneer in fertility science, research and treatment, CCRM offers its patients best-in-class patient care and access to a network of award-winning physicians, a full suite of fertility services, innovative technology and cutting-edge labs. CCRM Fertility was founded in 1987 by Dr. William Schoolcraft and since its inception, has achieved international recognition for clinical excellence and advanced research in the field of reproductive medicine. CCRM’s proprietary approach has resulted in patient outcomes that far exceed the industry average for live births.

Why Choose CCRM?

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 CCRM Fertility has 60+ physicians across 34 locations, and a team of research scientists, PhDs, embryologists and professional staff dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream of having a baby today, or in the future.

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 Our expertise and dedication to lab operations continuously produces high quality CCS results enabling us to achieve some of the highest IVF with CCS live birth rates in the U.S.

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We are committed to consistently investing in new proprietary technology and scientific techniques that translate into superior outcomes and a family’s fastest path to a healthy baby.

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CCRM Research is an acclaimed group who continues to make significant progress in reproductive medicine. And we are working hard to continue to fund the research that is helping families around the world experience the joy of having a baby.

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9 out of 10 patients would recommend CCRM to family and friends.

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One of our greatest rewards at CCRM is getting to know our patients and celebrating their successes. We personally invite you to read our patient testimonials to find out how we’ve helped them achieve their dream of having a baby.

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Our Locations

CCRM proudly serves 16 major metropolitan areas with 37 locations across the U.S. and Canada, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Delaware, Denver, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Naperville, New Jersey, New York, Newport Beach, Northern Virginia/D.C., San Francisco Bay Area, and Toronto.

Success Stories

“Advanced endometriosis and an associated laparoscopy as a teenager, led me to always believe having children would not be in my future. As a young college student, starting a family was the furthest from my mind, thus I never anticipated how significant that early diagnosis would be for my future. […] “

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“Chelsea Ritchie and her husband, Josh, came to CCRM Minneapolis in the spring of 2016, after battling infertility for nearly a decade. Chelsea suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which can make it extremely challenging to conceive and carry a successful pregnancy to term.[…] “

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“I cannot believe it was almost two years ago when I found out that I had to have my Fallopian tube removed. I had the other one removed two years prior due to the same complication. I could not believe this was happening to me at 28 years old. I remember feeling hopeless and depressed. My doctor recommend[ed] that I seek help from a fertility specialist […] “

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“To Dr. Hasty and everyone at ACRM- words cannot begin to thank you for all that you did for us. We are grateful and truly humbled by this experience as dealing with years of infertility and IVF can be incredibly overwhelming. You made us feel comfortable and important during a time that was pretty scary and intimidating for us. […]”

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“Siblings don’t just fight, they help each other too. However, the extent to which Andrea Janney helped her little sister, Allison O’Keefe, have a child probably goes in the “above and beyond” category. […]”

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“After conceiving her first son so easily, Meghan and her husband never expected to struggle getting pregnant the second time around. She was still young and in her 20s, but she noticed that her menstrual cycle had changed. She was diagnosed with a luteal phase defect, which impacts the stage of the menstrual cycle after ovulation and before the period starts. […]”

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Friday, May 27 of 2016 was not an ordinary day for Nichelle and Brandon Holloway. On that day, the young couple from Garland, Texas, had something extremely important to celebrate. May 27, 2016, marks their daughter Ava’s second birthday, and according to Nichelle, “Ava’s birthday is a really big deal around here.” […]

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After a year of trying to get pregnant on our own, we decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Payson.  He was so gentle and sympathetic in presenting the things we didn’t want – but needed to hear.  He guided us through our options, always balancing […]

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“When my husband and I met Dr. Payson for the first time, I had already endured many failed rounds of IUI and IVF over the course of nearly three years. I had been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and had extensive surgery to remove it. Needless to say, we were feeling beaten down and defeated […] “

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“Dr. Choi is extremely knowledgeable, straight to the point, explains everything in detail to make sure you fully understand every step of your treatment plan. She’s magical, caring and precise. I LOVED HER!! CCRM New York is a five star facility with amazing doctors, nurses and support staff. […]”

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“When we met Dr. Payson we knew nothing about infertility or IVF.  During our first meeting Dr. Payson sat down with us and thoroughly went over everything. He met with us on several occasions and always answered my 50,000 questions. Throughout the entire process Dr. Payson was there for us, supporting us and providing encouragement and hope. […]”

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My husband and I were married in Jan 2007. We decided to start trying for a family in Jan 2011, after over a year of trying naturally in July of 2012 we visited with our first Infertility Doctor. We were diagnosed as Unexplained Infertility and proceeded through 2 years of monitored cycles and IUI which never resulted in a pregnancy. We took a break and in Winter of 2016 we visited Dr. Mark Kan at CCRM Orange County and immediately knew he would be the doctor to help us along in this journey to starting our family. […]

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“We discovered “it takes a village,” not only to raise a child, but for many, to become parents. Marc and I started trying to conceive in our mid to late 30s and quickly realized this might be a longer chapter in our shared life story than anticipated. For us, conception was not a goal that could be achieved through diligence and hard work.  […]”

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