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CCRM Açai Antioxidant Supplement

Boost Your Odds of a Successful Pregnancy

CCRM Açai is:

  • 100% natural antioxidant
  • CCRM-tested supplement
  • Made from açai berries sourced from the Amazon

CCRM Açai Benefits

Oxidative stress, an imbalance between free radicals and naturally occurring antioxidants in the body, is known to substantially contribute to aging ovarian dysfunction and diminished egg quality in women, and sperm DNA fragmentation in men. Both can negatively impact in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes.

By taking CCRM Açai for 90 days prior to treatment, it can help reduce oxidative stress and restore the delicate redox balance in the ovaries and testes.

CCRM Açai for Women

CCRM Açai is taken for 90 days during follicle development. This time frame represents the 90 days prior to ovarian stimulation.

Our peer-reviewed, published study of women ages 28–44 who took the CCRM Açai supplement for 90 days prior to stimulation for their IVF cycle showed excellent outcomes for older women:

  • Women under the age of 39 and older had a 78% live birth rate
  • Women ages 39 and older had a 75% live birth rate

CCRM Açai for Men 

Our peer-reviewed, published study of 50 men (ages 33–43) with abnormally high levels of sperm DNA fragmentation took the CCRM Açai supplement every day for 90 days prior to an IVF cycle. Seventy-six percent of men that participated in the study tested in the normal range for sperm DNA fragmentation at the time of sperm collection for fertilization.


Where is CCRM Açai available?
CCRM Açai is exclusively available to CCRM Fertility patients and can only be prescribed by a CCRM Fertility doctor. After CCRM Açai is prescribed, the patient will fill their prescription through SMP Pharmacy Solutions, the pharmacy partner of CCRM Açai and other fertility medications. Get started by scheduling a new patient consultation with a CCRM Fertility doctor. 

Is CCRM Açai available at all CCRM Fertility locations?
Yes. CCRM Açai is available at all CCRM Fertility locations. 

Can I take CCRM Açai for longer than 90 days?
Due to limited availability of CCRM Açai, we are limiting usage to a 90-day supply per person with the exception of an extra bottle in instances when a calendar doesn’t match-up exactly.

When should I stop taking CCRM Açai?
CCRM Açai should be stopped before starting stimulation medications or if you’ve conceived spontaneously, you should stop taking  during CCRM Açai pregnancy.

CCRM Açai Ingredients
Active ingredient: Acai Fruit – euterpe precatoria or euterpe oleracea. Depending on availability of acai berry trees and fruit determines which species is harvested and when. CCRM Fertility has tested both species of acai berries with the same excellent results.

Inactive ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Gelatin.

Is CCRM Açai gluten-free?

Is CCRM Açai vegan or vegetarian?
The gelatin in the capsules is animal derived, so CCRM Açai is not vegan or vegetarian.

Is CCRM Açai kosher?

Does CCRM Acai contain pork?
No, the gelatin from the capsules is bovine derived.

Can CCRM Açai be used while breastfeeding?
CCRM Açai has not been tested on breastfeeding mothers, so we do not recommend it.

If accidentally placed/stored in the refrigerator or left out in the heat of sun, is it still ok to use?

How is CCRM Açai different from over the counter (OTC) açai berry supplements?
CCRM Açai is produced exclusively for CCRM patients. It has been laboratory tested by CCRM Genetics and proven outcomes have been published in peer reviewed publications.

Can I take CCRM Açai during ovarian stimulation or while I am pregnant?
It’s important to stop taking CCRM Açai during stimulation. Pregnancy is a timeframe that we have not tested since it doesn’t overlap with preparation for an IVF cycle and supporting ovarian function.

Is it ok to use CCRM Açai if lactose intolerant?
CCRM Açai has not been tested on individuals with allergies, so we cannot recommend usage.

Is it ok to use with an egg allergy?
CCRM Açai has not been tested on individuals with allergies, so we cannot recommend usage.

Does this product interact with SSRIs?
​​In regard to any prescription medications, that approval can only come from the ordering physician.

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