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Fertility Treatment for Gay Couples / Same-Sex Male Couples

Gay men planning to build a family through fertility treatments will meet with their physician to discuss the details of using an egg donor and gestational carrier to achieve pregnancy via in vitro fertilization (IVF). The partner wishing to use his sperm will undergo testing.

Egg donors may be an individual known to the couple or an anonymous woman screened by our staff. The age of the egg donor is one of the most important factors affecting the outcome of IVF. Because fertility declines with age, the donor should ideally be between the ages of 19-33. Once selected, the donor will undergo an intensive screening that includes medical, psychological, genetic and infectious disease tests, and also meet with an independent reproductive attorney.

Per CCRM policies developed in accordance with FDA and ASRM requirements, known sperm donors and gay male couples are required to quarantine sperm. Persons undergoing quarantine must have medical, psychological and genetic testing prior to collecting and freezing sperm. Some of these tests are completed again after the quarantine period to reduce risk of infectious disease transmission. CCRM offers quarantine in-house or couples must use a FDA approved cryobank to ensure the testing and cryopreservation of sperm is performed with the highest standards.

CCRM partners with gestational carrier agencies and attorneys to help identify gestational carriers. Medical and psychological evaluation of the selected candidate is then performed at CCRM.

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