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Success Stories

1,250 Five Star Reviews. And Counting.

One of our greatest rewards at CCRM is getting to know our patients and celebrating their successes. We personally invite you to read our patient testimonials below to find out how we’ve helped them achieve their dream of having a baby

“If I would have known about CCRM and Dr Schoolcraft from the beginning of our infertility journey, I would have ran as fast as I could to CCRM and never wasted an ounce of our precious time or precious money on any other clinics. CCRM Lone Tree is quite far from where we live but travel was minor and the time off to be in Lone Tree was also minor compared to our outcome. CCRM is such a blessing and I am so grateful to have found Dr Schoolcraft.”

— Miranda

CCRM Colorado

“CCRM has changed my and my husbands life with the blessing of our son. We worked with Dr. Surrey and he could not have been more compassionate, intelligent and determined to help us in our journey to becoming parents. The nurses were incredible when it comes to answering all the questions that come with such a confusing time and they were truly our cheerleaders through the whole process. We feel lucky to have worked with the best fertility clinic out there and absolutely recommend CCRM to anyone going through fertility issues. From their Doctors, their nurses, the lab, even to their folks at the front desk, CCRM sets the bar.”

— Mallory W.

CCRM Colorado

“Go to CCRM!!! You don’t have anything to lose by making your 1st consultation appointment. You’re not committing to any treatment plan or anything at all. It’s just a consultation. After you have your consultation- you then have even more information to help you make the best decision for you. My biggest regret in my fertility journey was waiting so long! I wish I would have gone 5 years earlier to meet with Dr Hickman at CCRM Houston!! Always my biggest piece of advice is: just go to a consultation. Nothing to lose by taking that 1st step.”

— Joni

CCRM Houston

“We adore Dr Surrey in our house! He offers the perfect combination of medicine/statistics, genuine concern and optimism. He answered questions (lots of them) and understood the importance of what we were trying to do. He is an amazing doctor and a great person. And he was the right doctor to help start our family.”

— Kathryn W.

CCRM Colorado

“If you are reading this review, then it is likely I do not have to tell you that infertility sucks. It’s painful, emotional, and the uncertainty creates a kind of anxiety the likes my husband and I have never known. CCRM has been the one shining light though all of this – their compassion, patience, clear communication and professionalism is unparalleled. We have felt each and every CCRM staff member has been a true partner with us through this trying time. You will not regret choosing them to partner with you through your infertility journey.”

— Lauren W.

CCRM Northern Virginia

“There is hope!  Dr Surrey and the team at CCRM gave me my family. Dr Surrey was kind and thorough and at times funny, but also always trying to find answers for us and doing everything in his power to get us to take home a baby. Infertility and IVF is not easy, it is the biggest challenge I have ever faced, but having the best lab with the most cutting edge technology working for us and the most brilliant Doctors fighting the fight with us.  Our nurses, ultrasound techs, and everyone in between became friends that we knew were cheering us on as well.  We have two beautiful children now, thanks to Dr Surrey and CCRM.”

— Jenn F.

CCRM Colorado

“My wife and I have finally found our doctor!! Dr. Styer really spent the time to review our history and was so sensitive to our prior frustrations with other providers who were inexperienced with LGBTQ care. He has this very calming effect and helped us believe that we will be successful and deserve to be parents as much as a traditional hetero couples. I don’t usually do online reviews, but I feel compelled to tell everyone that I know we will be moms soon with the help of Dr. Styer.”

— Anonymous, Review.

CCRM Boston

“My husband and I came to CCRM after having several negative outcomes and a rather horrible experience at another fertility clinic. The whole process of dealing with infertility is awful, but the previous clinic particularly magnified the stress and discomfort involved. After finally deciding to make the switch to CCRM, we found that both the staff and Dr. Payson went above and beyond to take care of us through what is otherwise a very stressful and emotional process. Dr. Payson is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has a wonderful, confident, and contagious optimism. He took time out to be available to us to answer any and all questions we had no matter the time or day. He clearly thought a lot about our issues and the best way to address them particular to me individually, as opposed to following a rote protocol that the previous clinic applied to everyone.The difference between what we experienced with Dr. Payson compared with the other clinic was profound at every step of the process. We also can’t say enough about the staff, who were helpful, kind, friendly, competent, and incredibly interested and engaged in their work. Most importantly, we had a successful outcome on our first round of IVF at CCRM after having multiple rounds of negative outcomes at the previous clinic. We highly recommend this clinic, staff, and Dr. Payson!”

— Brittani N.

CCRM Northern Virginia

“We are so thankful for CCRM Houston! We started our infertility journey in Colorado at the Lone Tree CCRM, but our work office closed and moved us to Houston. We were recommended to Dr Nodler from our previous dr. The transition was smooth and we had a great experience at CCRM Houston. We highly  recommend Dr Nodler! The office staff and nurses is also all amazing to work with. At one point they helped us with an annoying insurance issue. We especially were fond of our nurse Erin. Our little one was born at the end of 2018! When the time comes, we will be back for baby number 2.”

— Susan A.

CCRM Houston

“Dr. Kondapalli is wonderful and has the best bedside manner, which is very important when going through the process. The IVF journey is not an easy one and there are many programs that claim to have the outcomes and approaches that CCRM does- but none can compare. Highly recommend. I traveled from out of state and they made the process very manageable.”

— G.H.

CCRM Colorado

“I switched to Dr. Salem after having a negative experience at another fertility clinic. He is incredibly smart, kind, and passionate about helping his patients. In my opinion, Dr. Salem is the best reproductive endocrinologist in MN.

— Anonymous Review.

CCRM Minneapolis

“I wish we would have just come straight to this place when we first started down our fertility journey. Our One Day Work Up with CCRM basically gave us all the answers we had been looking for which other drs at 2 other clinics basically wasted our time and money for over 2 years! I would recommend this CCRM location to anyone searching for answers. I have 1 beautiful girl and another little boy on the way thanks to Dr. Schoolcraft and Dr. Surrey!They also have a state of the art lab!”

— Christina C.

CCRM Colorado

“Dr. Zimon is an incredible and brilliant physician!! My only regret is that I didn’t start with her right away! We sought her help after having a horrible experience with a large IVF clinic in the Boston area. We had undergone 2 IUIs and then an IVF cycle where they retrieved numerous eggs but could only get one embryo from them. They transferred this embryo which ended up in a chemical pregnancy. We were left devastated as they told us that it had to do with egg quality which couldn’t be fixed. We had previously heard about CCRM through a friend who had success so we sought out Dr Zimon and the CCRM team. In our initial consultation, she explained all the changes she would make to my protocol and gave us hope at a very dark time! During the IVF cycling, she does all her own ultrasounds in the morning and adjusts dosages based on your body (rather than a set protocol like most facilities). We had such a personal experience throughout the entire process! They were able to retrieve numerous eggs again but this time they were great quality thanks to her! We ended up with many embryos that we were able to send for genetic testing. We still can’t believe we could have such a drastic change in results from one physician and facility to the next. We then had a successful transfer and am finally pregnant after such a long and exhausting journey! While our care with Dr. Zimon was flawless, my husband and I often discussed that even if we didn’t have good results initially, we would definitely stay with her as there wouldn’t be anyone we’d trust more. I sincerely feel like I owe my life to Dr. Zimon and the entire team at CCRM. She is not only incredibly talented but also very personable! It was very bittersweet saying goodbye to her and the team, but we will be back in the future!”

— Anonymous Review

CCRM Boston

“Dr Barton has been very caring and compassionate towards me on my journey, always thinking about my specific issues and financial circumstances. I have been very please with her as a doctor so far. She seems open to listening to me as a patient and not pressuring me in any way. Rather, I find she is an advocate of personalized medicine rather than pushing any standard, “one-size-fits-all” protocols.”

— Alison S.

CCRM Colorado

“I have been struggling with being single and whether I should freeze my eggs or not. I walked in to see Dr. Styer with a little fear and a lot doubt. After meeting him, I left feeling empowered and educated about my choices as a single career woman. I ended up freezing my eggs and had a really great experience. Dr. Styer made a point to do most of my ultrasounds and my egg retrieval. The CCRM nurses and lab staff were all so very friendly and went out of their way to make feel well cared for. It was such a pleasure to work with them.”

— Anonymous Review.

CCRM Boston

“Dr Surrey is an amazing human! It’s been almost 17 yrs since I met him. One of my favorite people! He’s truly the best! He has an incredible way of making an emotionally painful situation as positive as it can be. He was always direct and honest all with compassion and an warm smile. I have so much love for him! I’m forever grateful to him and the incredible staff at CCRM. Thank you for my greatest gifts Lily Parker (16 ) and Tony (13

— Julie C.

CCRM Colorado

“I could not recommend Dr. Knopman and the entire staff at CCRM. Their approach is extraordinary. I had previously tried 2 other clinics and both felt like a factory. But it was a whole different story with CCRM staff and Dr. Knopman. Everyone knew my name the second I entered their office. Their spa-like waiting room with snacks, relaxing music, coffee and tea provided such a comforting feeling during a very stressful time for me. Most importantly I got pregnant with the first IVF Cycle. There are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Knopman. She was truly amazing; a true expert in her field, took her time explaining every single detail. I never felt rushed or like a number as I did at other clinics. It was so easy to reach her via phone calls and emails. Having a tight work schedule myself, I appreciated the fact that CCRM always took me in on time; that rarely happens in other practices. Excellent patient care is CCRM’s top priority. Lab work and scans can be scheduled very early in the morning which worked out perfect for me since I had to be at work by 8 am. All the nurses knew me and were kept informed as to where I was in the process. For me, CCRM defines competency, compassion, professionalism, efficiency & courtesy.”

— Jacqueline R.

CCRM New York

“I can’t say enough good things about CCRM. From day one, Dr. Batcheller made us feel confident that we could get pregnant and that she is extremely knowledgeable in the field. All of the staff including the front desk girls, our nurse, and the ultrasound staff learned our names and really strived to connect with us. They made us feel like they were invested in our journey too. We had gone to another fertility clinic prior to this and were quoted less than half the success rate that CCRM has and were treated like a number. The two clinics were night and day different. I would recommend going to CCRM hands down for any type of fertility treatment. They truly know what they’re doing!

— Diana W.

CCRM Minneapolis

“Dr. Payson was our IVF doctor and we had an incredible experience at CCRM. We spent two years at another fertility clinic and switched to CCRM after several unsuccessful embryo transfers. Dr Payson carefully reviewed our history and spent a few months getting to know us and taking extra precautions by running several tests. He immediately found something, put me on an antibiotic to clear it, and we did our first embryo transfer with Dr. Payson and are now pregnant! I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Payson, the way he treats his patients, and the CCRM staff. After going there for just a few months, they all felt like family by the end. Dr Payson is caring, friendly, and committed to his patients. We are so glad we found him and CCRM! Would recommend them to anyone seeking fertility treatment.”

— Amanda B.

CCRM Northern Virginia

“We wouldn’t have children if it weren’t for CCRM. There’s not much more to say, but I will add a bit more. From our very first appointment with Dr. Gustofson we felt totally comfortable with him and the CCRM staff. The staff made us feel like family at every appointment. They were always caring, interested in our progress, and incredibly supportive throughout. We went through three rounds of retrievals, did two transfers (one embryo per) and we have two healthy children as a result! Thank you CCRM for your caring, kindness, and dedication to creating families through SCIENCE!”

— Rich M.

CCRM Colorado

“Dr. Moragianni is amazing!  We went to her to get a second opinion after our RE at Johns Hopkins was less than helpful. Dr. Moragianni was compassionate and caring but also didn’t sugar coat the true nature of my diagnosis. Her clear, direct, communication and thorough review of my records helped us to make some hard decisions. She is clearly at the top of her game and I trust her completely. I recommend her to everyone I know!”

— Christina P.

CCRM Northern Virginia

“Dr. Ehrhart is absolutely phenomenal! Her expertise is unmatched, and her bedside manner puts you at ease. We feel incredibly blessed to have worked with Dr. Ehrhart. She made our dream of having a baby girl come true.”

— Stephanie G.

CCRM Colorado

“I am beyond happy CCRM is now in NYC! I don’t know where to begin. The staff is amazing. After 2 unsuccessful cycle with another facility I reached out to Dr Choi she is the best, kind, compassionate and she take her time to listen and is very theral which we loved. First try with her and here I am 12 weeks pregnant! Am so happy we have you in the infertility world. Xoxox. *5 star rating is not enough”


CCRM New York

“Dr. Jun was my third REI and the only one to uncover that I had endometriosis, which ended up being why I was unable to get pregnant for 4 years. She is extremely thorough, precise, and discusses all options with their patients; no matter how long it takes. For the first time in my IVF journey, I felt empowered in the IVF process. I am forever grateful to have come across her and cannot recommend her enough.”

—Anonymous Review

CCRM San Francisco

“We feel like it was a true blessing to have started working with CCRM. After several failed IVF attempts at another clinic we traveled across the country based on a recommendation to work with CCRM NYC. It was the best decision we could have made.

CCRM gave us hope that we had all but lost. CCRM is incredibly efficient and very helpful. More than that, it is clear they care about their patients which is so important during such a challenging time. Dr. Levine’s approach is based on the individual needs of each patient not the standard cookie cutter protocol not to mention the lab quality is the absolute best. Even though we were not living locally, we experienced the excellent communication from the entire staff and amazing support from Dr. Levine himself. We were able to achieve success in his care.

We can never truly thank Dr. Levine and CCRM for everything they have done for our family.”


CCRM New York

“If you’re considering IVF, I absolutely encourage you to schedule a consultation at CCRM Boston. Dr. Zimon and her team are knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and accessible while also being realistic about all of the stressors, the science, and the hopes that are wrapped up in the process of IVF. The CCRM facility is nice and new and appointments generally run on time (which is critical as you’ll be there a lot). Our questions were met with thoughtful answers, as Dr. Zimon made herself available to us both during and in between appointments. What was most important to me was how genuinely invested everyone on staff was in my husband and me—not just in our success, but also in our experience leading up to it.”

— Anonymous Review.

CCRM Boston

“Five stars is not enough for this incredible doctor and amazing facility. CCRM makes miracles happen. Dr G is kind, honest, compassionate, and caring. He is truly one of the best medical professionals I have ever encountered. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be a patient. Our dream of having a child was made a reality by him and his wonderful nursing team. Our son, Nicholas, is truly a dream come true. CCRM is the best in the world. I am an outspoken supporter and am proud to say I have sent many friends to Colorado after struggles to conceive and failed fertility procedures. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to come to CCRM and be a patient of Dr G.”

— Annemarie D.

CCRM Colorado

“I can say without hesitation that Dr. Kondapalli is the best doctor I’ve ever worked with. Considering the emotionally and physically tolling nature of infertility treatment, it still surprises me that I think of Dr K in nothing but the fondest and most positive lights. She keenly balanced optimism and pragmatism, and was always direct and honest (even when the truth was hard to hear). She was genuinely invested in us, lamenting our set-backs and celebrating our ultimate success. Given the economics of IVF, I hoped for excellence but, frankly, I didn’t expect it. Dr. K exceeded all expectations. Without her, my wife and I wouldn’t now be expecting our first child in a few months’ time. Regardless of outcome, the journey would’ve been much more difficult without her guidance, support, and expertise. I’ve strongly recommended Dr. K to a dear friend and I’d do so again without hesitation. She’s fundamentally changed our lives for the better, and I’ll be forever grateful.”

— Casey

CCRM Colorado

“I highly recommend Dr. Jun and Dr. Tazuke! They are both very skilled and caring practitioners. The fertility assessment and testing recommended by CCRM is above and beyond what other IVF clinics offer. Their embryologists and lab are very reputable as well.  The clinic environment is beautiful and relaxing.  If you are considering IVF, or other fertility treatments, I recommend you consult with CCRM to learn about how their clinic protocols differ from other fertility clinics.”

— Megan D.

CCRM San Francisco

“Miracle workers. Wife and I have a beautiful biological daughter against multiple odds due to the dedication, hard work, and professionalism at CCRM Houston. I cannot say enough about Dr Hickman. A man of huge intellect and skill. This is the clinic to go to if other clinics have failed. Better yet, go here first.”

—Pete S.

CCRM Houston

“We can not thank everyone at CCRM enough for everything they have done for us. Dr. Styer and his entire team have all been so compassionate, kind and caring and worked so hard to make our dreams of having a family come true. At each and every appointment, message and phone call my voice was heard and my concerns were important and addressed. Throughout this journey Dr. Styer and his team went above and beyond and helped us to feel confident with each step and decision made. A very big difference that I experienced and greatly appreciated when going to CCRM compared to other facilities we have gone to, is that Dr. Styer was involved in every appointment we had, including consultations/discussions of our plan, ultrasounds, procedures, retrieval and transfer. The only time we didn’t meet with Dr. Styer was for quick blood work only appointments. This made me much more confident that Dr. Styer really knew me and my case and that we had a greater chance of a successful outcome. The facility is easy and convenient to get to with free accessible parking. The facility and CCRM is new, up to date and clean. All of the staff is attentive, kind and helpful and treat you as if you were family or a friend. After going through 4 failed IVF cycles with one miscarriage and experiencing two other facilities in Ma and RI, CCRM and Dr. Styer helped us to get pregnant in one IVF cycle! We can’t thank and recommend them enough.”

— Heather C.

CCRM Boston

“Dr. Levine has been absolutely wonderful to work with (he’s kind, funny, patient and wise beyond his years, he remembers very detail and always makes time for me when I need to ask him something, I feel safe under his care and blessed to have found him), as is Amanda in billing (helpful and full of knowledge, answering my endless questions and helping me understand both insurance and self-pay matters to figure out what’s best for me), Plus all of the nurses (especially Ali who has been supportive and nurturing like a sister), and the receptionists (Stephanie’s/Kate who brighten up the phone lines and office). It is a beautiful modern and clean space too. White glove service without a doubt. I actually went to NYU first for a consult- it was a disaster I felt like cattle and was totally ignored by all the support staff there despite the doctor seeming very good there too but all the rest of the staff gave me so much anxiety. At CCRM it is a different and far better world, they humanize and personalize every moment. I froze eggs in nov and going back to do another round next month. They’re worth every penny!”

— LI Z.

CCRM New York

“Wow, this was an incredible experience. Everyone was extremely warm and informative. I left the office feeling so empowered. I am very happy that I found Dr. Rashmi Kudesia.”


CCRM Houston

“At 44, I thought for sure I would never, ever have a child. Dr. McKnight went above and beyond due to my age and past medical history. Her constant assurance and management of my case allowed me to now have my perfect little girl…. with out Dr. McKnight and her staff my family would not exist today.”


CCRM Houston

“I can’t say enough about the stellar service I received at CCRM NY …from the front desk the nurses and the every so important Doctors ( the amazing Dr. Talebian was my doctor) right down to the billing department this is a team who love what they do and it shows….Their attentive and concerned nature made me feel as if I was are their one and only patient. I felt secure and confident that whatever the outcome or situation they would take of me and that the outcome would be positive….Thanks to the whole staff I am pregnant and expecting a baby!”


CCRM New York

“Doctor Dorette is absolutely amazing. We went to her in 2015 and were graced by her kindness and passion to help assist us in our journey. On our first attempt EVER, (conducted by her), we were able to get pregnant. She is definitely beyond exceptional in her knowledge and was able to give clarity to us, from even a misdiagnosis given by a past gynecologist and gave sound proof. We wanted to try again last year, but couldn’t find her, because she hadn’t taken a leave. She is so amazing that it’s 3:47am and I just googled her name and see that she is back practicing, This is a pure joy for our family. There are no guarantees generally in this process, but when you have a doctor that is passionate about her career and equally passionate about assisting her patients to build their families, in my opinion the process becomes a lot easier.”

— Dina B.

CCRM Dallas-Fort Worth

“He is the best at what he does. My wife and I had unsuccessful IVF cycles with two different Long Island clinics. We heard Dr Schoolcraft was the best so we decided to go out of state and give CCRM Lone Tree a try. Both of the cycles we had with Dr. Schoolcraft resulted in multiple normal embryos and the first transfer we attempted with CCRM implanted. We are awaiting our first baby soon and owe it all to Dr. Schoolcraft.”


CCRM Colorado

“I am writing for my daughter who does not usually do these online reviews. But we had such a wonderful experience at CCRM, I just wanted to share with everyone. My daughter is mid 30s and single and is concerned that she will be too old before she finds a partner to get married and have a baby. We went to see Dr. Styer to discuss options to freeze her eggs. He was very kind and patient, and took his time to explain all details about egg freezing for my daughter. I really liked that he was very understanding about her situation and really listened to and answered all of our questions. My daughter felt so relieved after her visit with Dr. Styer and really felt empowered that she was being proactive about her future. She is going to freeze her eggs in the near future. I know she is in the best of care with him and his team. We really are grateful to him for walking us through this difficult decision and recommend him very highly!”

— Tara C.

CCRM Boston

“Sara Barton and her team at CCRM are amazing! They are incredibly thoughtful and thorough and everything they do is completely customized to every person. I never felt like I was just another patient – they truly care about my health, what’s best for my family and most importantly, getting me pregnant! And beyond that, the whole team at CCRM take so much care of each patient, no matter who your doctor is, you really feel like family there. I could not emphasize more how appreciative we are for them and their help in getting us pregnant and HIGHLY recommend them and Sara!!”


CCRM Colorado

“Dr. Tazuke is an extraordinary doctor! She is empathetic, hardworking, thorough, and most importantly extremelyskilled at her job. After finding out my husband had severe male factor infertility (0% morphology and 0% motility), she quickly pointed us to an experienced urologist to provide testing we needed to continue with treatment. Herstaff are also so friendly and helpful, they really made this process seem like they were treating patients instead of numbers. With a world class lab and embryologist (mike!), we ended up with 6 high graded PGS embryos, one of which im currently 23 weeks pregnant with. I’ve read so many other women’s stories of poor case management/medicine, bad communication, multiple doctors in and out of procedures, and being treated as just a number. CCRM San Francisco and Dr. Tazuke could not be more different! Please don’t waste time and money elsewhere, do yourself a favor and check out this state of the art facility and amazing doctor!”

— Nicki Falbo

CCRM San Francisco

“I cannot say enough positive things about CCRM and their staff. My husband and I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carter Owen in November of 2018. I had previously had testing completed through my OB and a large fertility clinic in Northern Virginia. Needless to say, they were horrible experiences. I had one doctor look at my results and say everything was fine (even though my FSH level looked insanely abnormal) and dismissed my concerns. That office actually made an error in the testing, which was the cause of the abnormal results…which we only discovered after Dr. Owen repeated all of the tests to be thorough. I also had a doctor tell us we’d never get pregnant naturally, which was incredibly disheartening so early on. On top of that, we dealt with insurances issues (tests that should have been covered, they refused to bill to our insurance). CCRM was a breath of fresh air. The entire staff is welcoming, positive, and a pleasure to work with. When I expressed concerns about insurance, one of the staff members called my insurance to document that it would be covered and promised to fight it if they tried to bill me. Scheduling was always simple. All of the nurses are so kind and thorough. I most often communicated with Jaime. I always had a ton of questions and e-mailed constantly and she always responded kindly and promptly. Dr. Owen was honestly one of the best parts of the practice for me. As I mentioned earlier, when I walked into the office…we’d had negative experiences in the past. I was overwhelmed and frustrated and really scared about what might be going on. She spent over an hour in that first appointment looking closely at all of my past history, answering all of my questions, and reassuring me that we’d make a game plan moving forward. She is so incredibly knowledgeable and patient that I immediately felt at ease with that appointment. I also really appreciated her extensive background in genetics. No matter what the future held, I knew I would be in good hands. She repeated all of the tests and always made a point to call me as soon as possible because she knew how anxious I was. I felt so supported throughout the entire process. When all of the data was collected, she helped my husband and I feel empowered to make the best decision for treatment moving forward. She presented all of the available options with research-based information to help us weigh the various costs and benefits and answered all of our questions honestly and thoroughly. We never felt pressured to choose one option over the other. She is truly all about helping couples make the right decision for them. When I got pregnant, I continued to feel extremely supported. She was there to answer all of my questions, monitor my early pregnancy closely, and make sure we felt confident moving forward. She even called me when I was around eleven weeks pregnant to check in and see how things were going. This was after I had already “graduated” from her care. I am blown away by her commitment to patient care and cannot recommend her or this practice enough. My husband even asked if we could pay extra to keep her as our doctor (haha!). Infertility can be isolating and frustrating. With Dr. Owen and CCRM as your provider, however, you will truly feel like you have a partner in this journey. We feel so lucky to have found them!”

— Melissa V.

CCRM Northern Virginia

“This review is for the egg freezing process only with Dr. Jun. I found her and her staff to be professional. They really helped me and walked me through this overwhelming process. Some of the features I really appreciated here: (1) they have an online portal where your designated nurse will leave messages for you or will call you; (2) they have a designated nurse or doctor on-call if there are any questions after hours – which did result in a FaceTime video call one evening when I had some questions about some of my injections; and (3) day-of the procedure I found everyone to be extremely organized and the care to be very personalized and helped make mefeel less anxious. I found Dr. Jun to be very professional and trustworthy. Overall, very pleased with the outcome and would def come back again.

— M. K.

CCRM San Francisco

“Let’s just say, thank goodness for second opinions as Dr. Schoolcraft disagreed with what we were previously told. He explained how his facility was different. He was genuine and upfront. After meeting with him, we felt as though we were finally in the right place with the right people. We pulled the trigger and proceeded with our last attempt at building a family. CCRM should have been our first facility. Everything was different and because of that second opinion, we received our first positive pregnancy test after 6 1/2 years of trying to conceive and are getting ready to start our second trimester. Best of all, we have another embryo to proceed forward with when the time is right. We will always be thankful and grateful for Dr. Schoolcraft, his top-notch lab, and all of his staff.”

— Lori C.

CCRM Colorado

“Personalized approach that combines science with compassion. I cannot thank Dr Salem and all the nurses and staff at CCRM Minneapolis enough for their help. We went to another clinic before coming here. Proceeding with CCRM was the best decision we could ever make. You are a person here not a number and Dr Salem explains things in a way you can understand without speaking down to you. Pregnant on our first try! They do take some insurance so don’t waste time anywhere else. Go where you are given top notch care and encouraged daily! Other clinics may speed up the process but CCRM believes in quality care for you – not anyone else.”

— Asha Harris

CCRM Minneapolis

“I would highly recommend Dr. Barton to anyone seeking an infertility evaluation. Her practice style is highly evidence based which as a physician myself, I find essential. We were pregnant within 3 months of our first consultation with her and I can guarantee we will be seeing her again when we plan for our next baby! I was also very impressed with the individual attention she provided as I felt constantly informed as to the next steps/plan.”

— Anonymous.

CCRM Colorado

“We worked with three different clinics, and I cannot recommend CCRM enough. Dr. Payson, Jaime, and the entire team were fantastic through the entire process. It was clear we received the best possible care and advice, and the entire team made what can be an incredibly difficult and emotional process easier. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and most important, we just welcomed our perfect new baby.”

— Kathryn E.

CCRM Northern Virginia

“Through IVF, Dr. Nodler and his staff gave my husband and I our greatest blessing – a healthy baby girl! His staff is amazing and he is simply the very best doctor I have ever had. I was disappointed to leave his care once I was discharged to my regular OB once pregnant (although I do love her as well!). He is compassionate and caring and very good at what he does. From our very first consultation visit I knew he would be the right fit for us. I found it so helpful and comforting how detailed he was at explaining everything and he always took as long as I needed to go over my questions and concerns. Going through fertility treatments is so stressful and difficult but he made it as pleasant as it could have been. I am so glad I found him and will be returning to him when I am ready for another baby! Highly recommend Dr. Nodler.”

— Emily Northcutt

CCRM Houston

“The infertility journey can be isolating, challenging and emotionally exhausting. It is also increasingly more tough in a state that does not require insurance assistance to feel that you are getting the best advice for your specific issue and are not just a number. I am 37, have diminished ovarian reserve as well as restricted uterine blood flow and therefore had to do IVF. I am now pregnant, which I don’t think would have been possible without Dr. Barton. Although CCRM sees a lot of patients, Dr. Barton, her nurse Becca and the rest of their staff were always available, supportive, patient and kind. I am a healthcare provider and had many questions that they always took the time to answer. They made me feel like family, and seemed to be equally as invested in our dream to start a family as we were. This is a difficult process to go through but it was truly made easier because of the genuine support that I felt from Dr. Barton and her team.”

— Anonymous

CCRM Colorado

“This review is long overdue. I can’t say enough good things about CCRM SF, Dr. Jun, Toshi, and the rest of the folks in their office.My wife and I did one IVF cycle at another well-regarded Bay Area clinic and had a disappointing experience. Although the decision to switch to a new clinic was nerve-wracking, we are so incredibly glad we went with CCRM. The contrast between our first clinic and CCRM was like night and day.We experienced very little wait time at each of our appointments. The front office and clinic staff were kind, considerate, and friendly. Our nurse coordinator, Toshi, was impeccably organized and helped keep us sane throughout the process. Last but certainly not least, Dr. Jun was just wonderful. She’s a truly amazing doctor – compassionate, empathetic, thoughtful, intelligent, and kind. My wife and I are both in medicine and we often remarked that she’s the kind of doctor who medical students or other physicians should aspire to be.Anyone who’s considering going through IVF, or is in the midst of it, knows what a difficult journey it is. CCRM helped make this challenging experience as bearable as it could be. Our stress level was significantly reduced compared to our experience at the other clinic.Lastly, from a clinical standpoint, I feel like CCRM is just a step above the other clinics we evaluated. Despite having an infertility diagnosis which is particularly challenging to treat, our first IVF cycle at CCRM resulted in five times as many high-quality eggs compared to the cycle at our original clinic. There’s no guarantee of success – IVF is part science, part art, and part luck – and maybe we just got lucky, but I think that CCRM’s lifestyle and supplement recommendations, rigorous laboratory processes, and stimulation protocols were huge contributors to our successful cycle. Our good fortune continued with a successful transfer on our first try. Our son was born happy and healthy four months ago. It still feels surreal, given how anxious, stressed and pessimistic we felt when we first walked into CCRM, but they helped make our IVF experience manageable, understandable, compassionate, and ultimately successful. I’m incredibly grateful to the staff at CCRM, Toshi, Dr. Tazuke and Dr. Jun, and I can’t recommend them strongly enough.”

— A

CCRM San Francisco

“The careful attention and comforting care of Dr. McKnight and the nursing staff walked us through every step of the process. We have a beautiful little boy and looking forward to expanding our family with the help of CCRM very soon! Top notch and I always felt like I was being cared for by the best of the best.”

— Martha P

CCRM Houston

“My husband and I had quite the long journey to pregnancy, and I can’t imagine having gone through it with anyone except Dr. Kondapalli. Even when we were at our lowest, she helped give us hope, explaining next steps and alternative options. She is very patient-centered, offering empathy and support while also providing all the relevant statistics and latest research. She does a great job understanding your goals and setting expectations. On multiple occasions, she followed up with us personally (even after hours) to share results and answer our questions. We couldn’t have gotten through it all without Dr. K!”

— Anonymous

CCRM Colorado

Success Stories

“Advanced endometriosis and an associated laparoscopy as a teenager, led me to always believe having children would not be in my future. As a young college student, starting a family was the furthest from my mind, thus I never anticipated how significant that early diagnosis would be for my future. […] “

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Photo of Newborn Baby

“Chelsea Ritchie and her husband, Josh, came to CCRM Minneapolis in the spring of 2016, after battling infertility for nearly a decade. Chelsea suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which can make it extremely challenging to conceive and carry a successful pregnancy to term.[…] “

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Happy Couple Holding Twin Babies

“I cannot believe it was almost two years ago when I found out that I had to have my Fallopian tube removed. I had the other one removed two years prior due to the same complication. I could not believe this was happening to me at 28 years old. I remember feeling hopeless and depressed. My doctor recommend[ed] that I seek help from a fertility specialist […] “

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“To Dr. Hasty and everyone at ACRM- words cannot begin to thank you for all that you did for us. We are grateful and truly humbled by this experience as dealing with years of infertility and IVF can be incredibly overwhelming. You made us feel comfortable and important during a time that was pretty scary and intimidating for us. […]”

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Fertility Success Story

“Siblings don’t just fight, they help each other too. However, the extent to which Andrea Janney helped her little sister, Allison O’Keefe, have a child probably goes in the “above and beyond” category. […]”

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Okeefe Family with Newborn Baby

“After conceiving her first son so easily, Meghan and her husband never expected to struggle getting pregnant the second time around. She was still young and in her 20s, but she noticed that her menstrual cycle had changed. She was diagnosed with a luteal phase defect, which impacts the stage of the menstrual cycle after ovulation and before the period starts. […]”

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Baby boy on blanket

Friday, May 27 of 2016 was not an ordinary day for Nichelle and Brandon Holloway. On that day, the young couple from Garland, Texas, had something extremely important to celebrate. May 27, 2016, marks their daughter Ava’s second birthday, and according to Nichelle, “Ava’s birthday is a really big deal around here.” […]

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After a year of trying to get pregnant on our own, we decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Payson.  He was so gentle and sympathetic in presenting the things we didn’t want – but needed to hear.  He guided us through our options, always balancing […]

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Baby Eating Birthday Cake on Counter

“When my husband and I met Dr. Payson for the first time, I had already endured many failed rounds of IUI and IVF over the course of nearly three years. I had been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and had extensive surgery to remove it. Needless to say, we were feeling beaten down and defeated […] “

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Toddler Girl Smiling

“Dr. Choi is extremely knowledgeable, straight to the point, explains everything in detail to make sure you fully understand every step of your treatment plan. She’s magical, caring and precise. I LOVED HER!! CCRM New York is a five star facility with amazing doctors, nurses and support staff. […]”

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Pregnant Woman

“When we met Dr. Payson we knew nothing about infertility or IVF.  During our first meeting Dr. Payson sat down with us and thoroughly went over everything. He met with us on several occasions and always answered my 50,000 questions. Throughout the entire process Dr. Payson was there for us, supporting us and providing encouragement and hope. […]”

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Brother and Sister Toddlers on Couch

My husband and I were married in Jan 2007. We decided to start trying for a family in Jan 2011, after over a year of trying naturally in July of 2012 we visited with our first Infertility Doctor. We were diagnosed as Unexplained Infertility and proceeded through 2 years of monitored cycles and IUI which never resulted in a pregnancy. We took a break and in Winter of 2016 we visited Dr. Mark Kan at CCRM Orange County and immediately knew he would be the doctor to help us along in this journey to starting our family. […]

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