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One of our greatest rewards at CCRM is getting to know our patients and celebrating their successes. We personally invite you to read our patient testimonials below to find out how we’ve helped them achieve their dream of having a baby.

“Dr. Kondapalli has done an excellent job for our family, after many dollars spent and many grueling weeks, we have a beautiful baby safe in our arms against all odds! Not only does this physician have a lab behind her that is world-class (and makes all the difference in this high-stakes field), but she adds a personal, warm and caring touch to something that can make a woman emotionally vulnerable and hugely stressed. She is at the top of her field and we are grateful to her forever.”

“I am only 30 years old and I was terrified that I had to see a specialist at 29 for fertility. I am learning that my story is not that uncommon. No one could find anything wrong with me I was just not getting pregnant on my own. I tried multiple different medications and procedures. I then found CCRM, a world renowned facility in my backyard. I went in afraid but I met with Dr. Schoolcraft and then I met nurse Cindy and she changed my life. She made my fertility journey understandable and never made me feel like I had a stupid question. IVF is not an easy process and it is trying on you emotionally and physically. Cindy talked me through everything and always gave me reassurance that I was doing the right thing. Everyone takes a different journey and every women is different. I was given my miracle and got pregnant at CCRM and I am so thankful to Dr. Schoolcraft and Cindy for their help and guidance. I truly do not think I would have been as successful in this process without Cindy. I will be forever grateful!”

“Dr. G is the best possible choice you could make to help you on your journey to being parents. We started at another clinic and did all our IUIs there, and then switched to CCRM when it was time for IVF. Dr. G made up an individualized plan that worked for us- he was clearly very knowledgeable, while also being very personable. We have referred 3 friends to him and all had great experiences with him, with varying levels of intervention being necessary. I would give 6 stars if possible.”

“I had the absolute pleasure of having my first fertility meeting with Dr. McKnight. She’s so pleasant and answered all of our questions with such precision and expertise. I felt so comfortable when I had my check ups and procedure. When the first attempt failed she was most supportive, which is exactly what I needed. I went on to have 2 lovely healthy kids with her as my doctor. She was excellent! A heart felt thank you to my all time favorite doctor!”

“My wife and I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Styer a few months ago to help us get pregnant. We are both in the healthcare field and we can easily say that our care at CCRM has been the best we have experienced as patients and as healthcare providers. Dr. Styer has a knowledgeable, compassionate, and thoughtful bedside manner that is truly refreshing. He and his team always made time for us if we had additional questions and always made us feel so comfortable. The clinic and staff were so welcoming and our care has been top notch. The fertility journey has been challenging for us over the past few years. However, Dr. Styer has truly shown us what is means to “care” for patients . He has been so enthusiastic and our confidence in our chances for pregnancy have been bolstered immensely. His care of us has been second to none. He is an incredible fertility doctor and we recommend him and CCRM to anyone who is looking for a clinic where you want truly excellent care.

“Dr. Schoolcraft is hands down the best fertility specialist in the country- possibly the world. He is super intelligent, research based, and his bedside manner is very caring and empathetic. I saw countless doctors over 6 years of infertility. None came close to him in any way. He has mad skills. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who wants to see their family grow. He even followed my care across the country through my first trimester. I only wish that I had found him sooner.”

“My obgyn referred me to Dr. Styer since I an mid 30s and single. I am so happy she did. He really took the time to explain the benefits and he was also very balanced in explaining if I am a good candidate. He really made me feel comfortable about thinking about my future fertility and he and his nurses walked me through the process. I am about to start my ovary stimulation for the egg freeze and I feel really good about this choice. I am so grateful to the CCRM team. I highly recommend them!”

“We had been struggling with infertility for 3 years. After seeing 2 other doctors and feeling like just a number and not a person, we were desperate to find a fertility specialist that treated us like people, listened to our concerns, and explained things very well. We found that at CCRM Boston! Dr. Styer and his team quickly became our second family! After only 3 months, 1 surgery, and 2 IUI cycles we are finally pregnant and owe that to Dr. Styer and his team! They genuinely care about you and your story and treat you with the upmost respect! I am very sad that our journey was a quick one and it feels strange not going to our “second home!” But we owe all our happiness to CCRM Boston!! Thank you to Dr. Styer, Karen, and the rest of the CCRM team!!!!”

“Dr. Janet Choi and the rest of the team at CCRM were amazing. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for three years now and my previous doctors were not able to figure out why I couldn’t. Then I went to Dr. Choi. She is up to date on the latest research and she was able to recommend tests that were able to identify my problem. I am now entering my second trimester and am absolutely thrilled. Dr. Choi, the nurses and the rest of the staff at CCRM are extremely compassionate and welcoming, and everything felt extremely personalized. And the offices are gorgeous. I cannot recommend Dr. Choi and CCRM enough.”

“I was a patient a different clinic in another state where we tried IVF for a couple of time in the past. we felt just like one more couple struggling in the process of conceiving. After our recent move to the DC area, we decided to try one more time with the CCRM and Dr. Payson who we were told to be one of the best in the country.We haven’t finished treatment yet and we know our odds for getting pregnant with my own eggs are very low. Despite of that, we wanted to register here the experience we’ve been having this far…Dr. Payson is such a great doctor! He has been with us in every step of this process. I never felt that i was left off by him or anyone in his office. We are not just another couple trying to conceive… He is Experienced, realistic, caring and very sincere about our options, while keeping it very positive. Additionally, his staff is so so caring, always available and on top of everything!I am sure i will come back with very positive news soon!!! I truly recommend Dr Payson and his staff! They are the best!”

“If you’re considering IVF, I absolutely encourage you to schedule a consultation at CCRM Boston. Dr. Zimon and her team are knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and accessible while also being realistic about all of the stressors, the science, and the hopes that are wrapped up in the process of IVF. The CCRM facility is nice and new and appointments generally run on time (which is critical as you’ll be there a lot). Our questions were met with thoughtful answers, as Dr. Zimon made herself available to us both during and in between appointments. What was most important to me was how genuinely invested everyone on staff was in my husband and me—not just in our success, but also in our experience leading up to it.”

“We feel like it was a true blessing to have started working with CCRM. After several failed IVF attempts at another clinic we traveled across the country based on a recommendation to work with CCRM NYC. It was the best decision we could have made. CCRM gave us hope that we had all but lost. CCRM is incredibly efficient and very helpful. More than that, it is clear they care about their patients which is so important during such a challenging time. Dr. Levine’s approach is based on the individual needs of each patient not the standard cookie cutter protocol not to mention the lab quality is the absolute best. Even though we were not living locally, we experienced the excellent communication from the entire staff and amazing support from Dr. Levine himself. We were able to achieve success in his care. We can never truly thank Dr. Levine and CCRM for everything they have done for our family.”

“I was a patient of Dr. Payson’s starting in late 2017. Before then, we had failed in our attempts with an out-of-state fertility clinic. We had one more shot and based on Dr. Payson’s reputation and CCRM’s, we took a leap of faith. Everyone who works at the Northern Virginia location is so incredibly kind, professional, and optimistic, and they all are rooting for you to succeed. I never felt like a number or that I was being rushed, which is important when you spend so much time there. During my care with Dr. Payson, I put my trust into him completely. He is incredibly thorough and knowledgeable, and he always took time to address any questions or concerns I had. I am so happy and grateful to report that we became pregnant on our first try. I would absolutely recommend him and his team to anyone trying to conceive.”

“Five years ago when we decided we wanted to start a family, we had no idea how long and hard the journey ahead was going to be. The love and support from our family and friends gave us the strength to get through disappointing procedure after disappointing procedure. Our love for each other kept us on the path to hopefully one day become parents and after four years of failed fertility attempts we decided to try IVF one last time and it worked! We are expecting our little miracle in a few short weeks. We are beyond grateful to Dr. Robb and the team at Hannam Fertility Clinic/CCRM Toronto for making our dreams come true.”

“I’ve had a number of reasons to seek Dr. Zimon’s help over the past few years, and have been so lucky to receive what I would consider to be the absolute best care during what I would otherwise label as a grueling process both physically and emotionally. Throughout many challenges, she’s demonstrated that she really cares about her patients and enjoys getting to know them on a more personal level. She’s also extremely (really, really, really) intelligent and stays informed of the latest and greatest developments in her field. When she made the decision to co-found CCRM Boston I followed her there, because she’s just that good, and it’s truly remarkable to see the love she and her co-founder, Dr. Styer, have put into every detail of this brand new facility. I also think it speaks volumes that the founders have formed a team of incredibly friendly and helpful professionals, most of whom they’ve worked with for many years – showing that the staff mirrors my respect for the founding physicians with their willingness to follow them to CCRM. If you’re in need of this type of care, I truly cannot recommend CCRM Boston enough.”

“We could not get pregnant for 10 years. We did IVF 3 times in another clinic and it did not work out for us.We were hopeless until we found Dr Levine.  He is an amazing doctor,  his staff is amazing and the atmosphere in the office is nice and calm.  I can’t thank Dr. Levine enough for my beautiful little baby boy. Thank you, Dr. Levine, you are the best.”

“Successful Pregnancy!!! Thanks to Dr. Nodler and all the Staff @ CCRM Houston/Houston IVF!!! They are truly dedicated to their patients. What really makes them the best for me and my husband?- After 8 long years of heartbreak, several failures and spending so much with other doctors and institutions that had encourage success countless times, just never worked for us. The Expertise, Honesty and Extensive knowledge that Dr. James Nodler possess, The Experience of their Laboratory Team, Nurses and Staff, truly was what really worked for us!!! To those that perhaps are looking to save money, in the long you may get the biggest disappointment !!, Can Not tell you how many times we went that road and came home empty handed and with a huge impact in our bank account. This is by far the biggest investment and you want the best. To The Best Forever Thank you!!!”

“I don’t think there are enough positive words to describe my experience at CCRM! Dr. Schoolcraft, Dr. Surrey, Dr. Ehrhart, Dr. Kondapolli, and the entire nursing staff are truly a remarkable team. From the moment we started working with them (after failed attempts elsewhere), they were beyond incredible! The doctors are the best available (and really do care!), the nursing staff could not be nicer or more experienced, the clinic runs like a well oiled machine (other places we have had to wait for 2.5hrs to be seen and here I never waited more than 4 minutes!) and the technology is the top of the line. There was nothing about CCRM that did not impress me; they go above and beyond for their patients. The communication is easy and they are on top of everything from start to finish. I felt completely confident in their care and everyone I met there felt the same way.  I am forever in debt to CCRM and their team for helping make our dream of a family turn into a reality. I cannot thank them enough or recommend them any higher…if you have any fertility issues do not waste time anywhere else…Just go straight to CCRM!”

“I have never written a Yelp review before, but my interaction with CCRM has been so phenomenal that I felt compelled to share my experience. Following several unsuccessful cycles with another practice, I reached out to Dr. Sheeva Talebian. Her knowledge, compassion, empathy and genuine interest in me was incredible (she made me feel like her only patient and top priority). After our first interaction, I took comfort in knowing the experience would be positive regardless of the outcome. In addition, I can’t say enough about the organization and the team -the front desk, the nurses, the Doctors, the lab and the billing department is a truly a family that loves what they do and it shows. Thanks to the entire staff, after my first try at CCRM I am 8 months pregnant and know that I never would have gotten here without Dr. Sheeva Talebian.”

“I tried for 4 years unsuccessfully to get pregnant in Chicago, with a very reputable clinic and doctor here.  Dr. Batcheller at CCRM got me pregnant at age 41 on the first try.  Enough said!!! Highly recommend.”

“The short version – I am ten weeks pregnant after our first embryo transfer at CCRM SF. We did two rounds of IVF to bank for a second child, and we have four more super strong embryos on ice. We have nothing but love for our team and would very strongly suggest everyone struggling with infertility go to CCRM SF. And now, all the things that those having trouble getting pregnant really need to know. Infertility is such a lonely struggle that nobody can truly understand unless they’ve experienced it firsthand. And unfortunately, many doctors you encounter along the way don’t seem to appreciate how much of an emotional toll infertility takes. By the time we came to CCRM SF, we’d had a few consultations with the most highly rated clinics in the Bay Area. Some doctors were callous about the three early losses we’d had, while others were very flippant about the entire IVF process and used scare tactics to push things on us as if they were trying to sell us a used car. After a while it started to feel like these were the things we’d just have to accept in order to realize our dream of being parents – if we wanted someone’s expertise, we’d also have to swallow indignities that no one should have to. From the moment we began speaking with Dr. Jun at our first consultation, I knew we were in the right place. She was very caring as we went through our entire history, and definitely took the more conservative approach, asking us to consider IUI before jumping into IVF. But we were specifically interested in CCS genetic testing of embryos and decided to go straight to IVF. Dr. Jun laid out all of our options and gave us an honest assessment of our chances and her thoughts, but never tried to pressure us or push us into anything. She was realistic while remaining compassionate, and really wanted to formulate a plan that was right for our particular set of circumstances. One thing that really stood out to me was our regroup meeting after our first round. Although my husband and I wanted to go straight into another round to bank enough embryos for two kids, Dr. Jun really took the time to make sure I was feeling well physically as well as emotionally and that our marriage hadn’t taken any hits through the stressful process before she would even discuss the next round of IVF. She truly cares about her patients’ well-being as humans and not just statistics and diagnoses. IVF is a roller coaster of emotions on the best day. Even if everything you can control goes perfectly, you never know how your body will react. But every single appointment we had felt like we were hanging out with friends. Every single scan, every single procedure, I felt so taken care of. Our team screamed and cried tears of joy with us for every win, and propped us up and never let us give up even through setbacks. While we definitely had our main points of contact, every single person in that building was rooting for us every step of the way, and we appreciated that so much. At CCRM SF, you get the whole shebang – an unparalleled lab, proven protocols and renowned doctors and embryologists (and brand new cryo tanks! ahem) PLUS the caring and empathy that make one of the most difficult situations one can face in life, bearable. It’s truly so rare to have both, and we don’t know how we could’ve made it without our team. Between Drs. Jun and Tazuke, Lisa, Christine, Mike and the embryology team, Amanda, Griselda and Reena, we had the most inconceivably brilliant, kind, warm, and caring people we’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. We came to CCRM SF hoping to grow our family; little did we know it’d be by much more than just our little one on board!”

“Tip: Get your speed date on and you’ll choose CCRM. Guaranteed. When it comes to ivf and living in the bay, you have a lot of options, which is great! Since you will be spending so much money on this process, having the luxury to meet the different IVF clinics and choosing the one that best fits you is really nice. Its almost like speed dating. So finding the right doctors/team is really important. With Dr. Jun and Dr. Tazuke, its like we found our soulmates. It sounds kinda crazy but its true. We were looking for doctors who care about us, our process and had great empathy towards our struggle. We also wanted results and we knew that CCRM has a great reputation. So when we found out they were opening an office in the bay area, we had to check them out. What separates them apart: 1) No Factory Feel: We worked with Dr. Jun and she saw us every single time. We’ve heard stories where you never see your doctor. But Dr. Jun was there to answer every question or new thing we had just googled and wanted clarification on. No topic was too silly because this is such a sensitive area, we were treated not like patients, but like family. She would take our calls at anytime. Dr. Jun is our superhero and in our family. forever. 2) Super Organized From our nursing team to our finance team, everything was clear and they were so amenable and understanding of the entire process. They started us out with a huge handbook that we used the entire time. They gave our calendars and other materials that just made the process so easy so we could focus on getting results. 3) New State of the Art Facility with Proven IVF Protocols The place is brand new, the lab is brand new (so no lab malfunctions which we all know about at another bay area clinic), CCRM has established itself as the leader in IVF and has their own protocols led by Dr. Schoolcraft. Dr. Jun regularly speaks with them and employs those specific protocols to ensure the best outcome 4) They Produce Results We were successful on our first transfer! We’re super lucky that we met Dr. Jun and team. We really believe their protocol is awesome but the real champions are Dr. Jun, Dr. Tazuke and their team! Their success scores are going to be through the roof so you should get in there now! 5) Women Doctors Get it More Women doctors get the empathy side more, b/c men don’t have to go thru pregnancy. That maternal instinct is strong! And since most of the IVF clinics in the bay area are run by men doctors, it makes sense that most of their staff will be women to account for this empathy component which is great, but having two amazing women doctors lead the charge just fit better with us. So what are you waiting for. Go exploring, get your speed dating on, and when you meet this team, you will fall in love like we did.”

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