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CCRM Fertility Education Videos

CCRM’s video library includes educational videos to help you learn more about what takes place during your fertility journey at CCRM.

New Patient Consult & Fertility Evaluation

CCRM’s mission is to provide our patients with the fastest path to the healthiest baby. For over 30 years, our personalized patient care, world-class labs, and leading science and research has helped us consistently achieve high success rates. This video provides an overview of your new patient consultation and fertility evaluation at CCRM

IUI Journey

Intrauterine insemination, also known as IUI, is when prepared sperm are placed directly into the uterus when a woman is most fertile. This video outlines all the steps involved in the IUI process.

IVF Journey

In vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, is a fertility treatment in which sperm and eggs are combined to allow for fertilization outside of the body with subsequent transfer of the embryo back into the uterus. Watch this video to learn more about all the steps involved in the IVF process.

Egg Freezing Journey

When it comes to fertility, age matters. As you get older, your eggs diminish in numbers and in quality making it more difficult to conceive or maintain a healthy pregnancy. Egg freezing, also known as fertility preservation, allows a woman who is not ready to conceive to increase her chances of having a baby later on in life when she is ready. The following video explains every step of the egg freezing journey.

Understanding Fertility Treatment Costs

We know that fertility treatment costs can be a major source of stress. CCRM believes in transparent pricing – we want you to feel confident about your estimated out-of-pocket cost for treatment. This video will walk you through insurance coverage for fertility treatments, various refund and multi-cycle programs and financing options available at CCRM.