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Egg Freezing Costs

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The Cost of Egg Freezing

As a leader in fertility treatment for more than 30 years, CCRM can help you preserve your fertility through egg freezing. Freezing your eggs in your 20s and 30s allows you to take advantage of your body’s fertility at a time when your eggs are at their healthiest. At CCRM, we freeze and thaw eggs, and then fertilize them with in vitro fertilization (IVF) when you are ready to have a baby. This is all performed under one roof and on your timeline.

At CCRM, physicians partner with each patient to develop customized treatment protocols. These treatment variables mean that costs can fluctuate greatly from patient to patient. Once your personalized treatment plan has been developed, our experienced patient support team will contact you to provide you with detailed cost estimate of the total fee and out-of-pocket costs for your fertility treatment.

CCRM is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality treatment available at the most affordable cost. Below you will find the estimated fees for egg freezing at CCRM. Testing and storage fees are not included in the costs.

Treatment Estimated Cost*
Initial Consult $250 – $450
Medications $3,000– $10,800
Anesthesia $425– $1,400
Single Egg Freezing Cycle $6,300 – $11,500

Egg Freezing Financing

CCRM believes that everyone should have the opportunity to build a family. In an effort to make advanced fertility treatment more accessible for patients, we have partnered with fertility financing specialists to provide patients with resources that help to remove financial barriers to treatment. Learn about CCRM’s financing options on our Fertility Treatment Financing Page.

If you are considering egg freezing and have questions about its costs or to make an appointment with one of our fertility specialists, please contact us today.

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*All fees are estimates and subject to change without prior notice.