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One Day Work-Up SM

When it comes to fertility, time is of the essence.
To get you started on the fastest path to parenthood, CCRM offers the One Day Work-Up SM *

Traditional fertility testing can take weeks or months to complete, but the CCRM One Day Work-Up SM allows patients to complete testing in a single appointment.**

The CCRM One Day Work-Up SM typically includes:

  • Nurse Consult
  • Baseline Ultrasound
  • Semen Analysis
  • Communicable Disease Testing (e.g. HIV or Hepatitis). Note: this is required for both partners
  • Preconception Testing (looking for underlying medical conditions that could impact your fertility)
  • Genetic Carrier Screening
  • Physician Regroup

After this comprehensive appointment, you and your CCRM doctor will develop a treatment plan tailored for your unique needs enabling you to get started on your fertility journey as soon as possible.

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Testing at CCRM Fertility Clinics

CCRM’s labs have some of the highest standards in the industry. Our research teams have worked tirelessly to determine the best environment, technology and equipment to achieve successful pregnancies. We practice the old adage of measuring twice and cutting once to ensure your treatment plan is as precise as possible to maximize your chances of having a healthy baby.

What patients are saying about the CCRM One Day Work-Up:

“We had an initial phone consult with Dr. Schoolcraft, then met with him during our extremely organized and highly efficient “one day workup” at CCRM. We received our IVF calendar the next day, then flew out to CO about 2 months later for our egg retrieval. We then had our first (unsuccessful) frozen embryo transfer about 6 weeks later followed by our second (successful) FET two months after that. From our phone consult to pregnant via IVF was about 6 months in time.” – Shelby

“Immediately upon entering the office my husband and I were greeted pleasantly and provided with clear/concise directions about our day from Addie. The schedule provided to us was outlined and additional location details were shared. From our initial conversation going forward we became increasingly comfortable and confident with your team of doctors, nurses, support staff and social workers. All of our questions were answered often times even before we asked :) due to thorough explanations. Dr. Schoolcraft was intuitive, smart, and delightful. After visiting with him and speaking with our primary nurse, Ellie and GC nurse, Shawna we are looking forward to working with your incredible team to build our family. We are very grateful for all of the effort and thoughtfulness put into every single aspect of our one day workup.” – Erica

“This is a review of my One Day workup (I live out of state). This center is a well-oiled machine. My appointments throughout the day went smoothly, everyone was courteous, informative, and compassionate, they answered any and all questions I had, and they gave me answers to questions I didn’t know to ask. Even though they have hundreds of patients, each person I met with made me feel like I was their only patient. I really wish I had gone here for my first IVF cycle.” – I.C.

*The One Day Work-Up is available at select locations. Contact your local clinic to find out more information.
**It can take up to 2 weeks to receive all test results. Please schedule a regroup appointment with your doctor 2 weeks after your One Day Work-up to review test results and treatment recommendations.

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