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Egg Donation & Egg Donor Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Serving the Virginia Beach & Hampton Roads Area

Welcome to CCRM of Virginia Beach, where we’re dedicated to helping dreams of parenthood become a reality through our comprehensive Egg Donor Program. With a focus on combining the latest in scientific advancements with compassionate care, we ensure a supportive and seamless experience for both egg donor and prospective parents.


CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach: Donor Egg Program

At CCRM Virginia Beach, we’re proud to offer our patients access to one of the nation’s leading donor egg banks. Our program is designed to provide a seamless and supportive journey towards parenthood, leveraging the best in science and care.

CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach Egg Donation Success Rates – The CCRM Advantage

  • 92% Egg Thaw Rate
  • 80% Fertilization Rate
  • 77% Clinical Pregnancy Rate
  • 90% Cycles Resulting in Multiple Blastocysts Available/Frozen
    • Outcomes based on 2017-2019 CCRM internal consolidated network data with >110 cycles.

Why Choose CCRM Virginia Beach for Your Donor Egg Needs?

Highly Screened Donors: Our donors undergo extensive health, genetic, and psychological screening, ensuring only the most qualified candidates are accepted.

Best-in-Class Technology: Access to proprietary laboratory technology and the scientists behind significant advancements in fertility treatments.

Guarantee: We guarantee at least one good quality embryo with each lot, with additional support if initial outcomes do not meet expectations.

Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS): Reducing miscarriage rates and increasing live births by transferring chromosomally normal embryos.

Larger Egg Lots: Offering eight eggs per lot to increase your chance for a healthy pregnancy.

Integrity of Care: From donor screening to IVF treatment, we protect the quality of your care and help you achieve your dream of having a baby.

The Donor Selection Process in Virginia Beach

After selecting a donor from our egg donor bank, the transfer process can begin as early as four weeks. Our online portal provides detailed information about each donor, including medical history, genetic screenings, and personal interests. Once you’ve selected your donor, a deposit of $2,500 reserves your chosen eggs and begins your IVF process.

To learn more about our Donor Egg Program and how we can support your journey to parenthood, please contact CCRM Virginia Beach today. Our team is ready to provide you with the highest level of fertility care.

Meet Our Virginia Beach Fertility Specialists

Robin Poe-Zeigler
Robin Poe-ZeiglerMD

Donor Egg Cost in Virginia Beach – CCRM Donor Egg Package 

To learn more about donor eggs, please contact us today to make an appointment to speak with a CCRM physician.

Donor Egg Package - $18,500

Provides a minimum of eight eggs in each lot
Guarantee of at least one good-quality embryo


  • Donor Pre-screening
  • Donor Genetic Carrier Screening
  • FDA Donor Testing and Screening, Medical History Review and Physical Exam
  • Donor Medication
  • Donor Anesthesia
  • Donor Retrieval Cycle
  • Egg Vitrification
  • Donor Compensation
  • Donor Medical Insurance
  • Additional Donor Screening
Transportation Fee - INCLUDED
Administrative Fee - INCLUDED
Additional eggs beyond the eight in the lot when available: NOT INCLUDED
Egg thaw, fertilization, CCS testing and transfer fees - NOT INCLUDED

To learn more about donor eggs, please contact us today to make an appointment to speak with a CCRM physician.

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