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Whitney Cotton


Oceana Place 448 Viking Dr., Suite 100
Virginia Beach VA 23452

P: (757) 267-4601 F: (757) 481-3354


Whitney Cotton, WHNP-BC, earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University in 2016. She has worked in Virginia Beach for the last 7 years, devoting her life to the care of women throughout their reproductive years. During this time, she has lectured for the Family Medicine Resident program at EVMS, precepted countless students, and worked as a Nexplanon trainer for Organon.

Whitney’s passion for teaching has also extended into teaching Les Mills fitness classes at several local gyms. Whitney is supported by her husband and their 3 daughters, Penny, Simone, and Vivienne.

Whitney currently cares for patients at CCRM Fertility of Virginia Beach.

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