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Laxmi Kondapalli



10290 RidgeGate Circle
Lone Tree, CO 80124

(303) 788-8300


Rose Medical Center
4600 Hale Parkway, Suite 490
Denver, CO 80220

(303) 355-2555


Dr. Kondapalli practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at the Denver office and Thursday at the CCRM Colorado Main Center in Lone Tree.

Dr. Laxmi Kondapalli is an award-wining, board certified reproductive endocrinologist at CCRM Fertility in Colorado. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and received her medical degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine where she was the recipient of the Carbee Award. During her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University, she received the Michael Newton Award for Clinical Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Following residency, she remained at Northwestern and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship in reproductive biology. She explored the long-term consequences of cancer therapy on ovarian function and fertility, with a particular focus on improving fertility preservation options for cancer patients.

Dr. Kondapalli completed her Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship and received a Master of Science degree in Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011. While a fellow, she received the NIH Reproductive Epidemiology Training Grant and conducted a prospective cohort study examining metabolic and developmental outcomes in children conceived by assisted reproduction compared to spontaneous conceptions. Her research interests center on fertility preservation, ovarian response to medical therapies, and assisted reproduction outcomes. Her efforts in these fields are featured on the Oncofertility Consortium’s website.

Dr. Kondapalli is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and the subspecialty Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and is a Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

For the last three years (2018-2020), Dr. Kondapalli received the designation of “Top Doctor” in the state of Colorado by 5280 Magazine. She was also named a Castle Connolly Top Doctor from 2019-2024 and designated an Exceptional Woman in Medicine.

What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Kondapalli

“Dr. Kondapalli is amazing! I had a very bizarre medical problem, to say the least, but she and her team have been so helpful during this time. I would recommend Dr. Kondapalli and her team to anyone who needs her services. She is an excellent physician/specialist and a genuinely kind and fun person, which can be hard to find. The same goes for her team. Everyone who I’ve dealt with through this journey has been so professional, kind and trustworthy. Thank you, Dr. Kondapalli and the amazing staff at CCRM!”

“My husband and I contacted CCRM after our local clinic recommended that we use donor eggs due to high FSH and a low antral follicle count. During our initial phone consult, we told Dr. Kondapalli we wanted to do a donor cycle with CCRM. Dr. Kondapalli sent us the CCRM donor egg database, but also recommended that we wait until our one day work-up to make a decision about proceeding with a donor cycle or cycling with my eggs. After our one day work-up in July 2016, Dr. Kondapalli thought we might have success cycling with my eggs, even in spite of some less than ideal lab results.  She was up front and told us it may take several cycles, but if we were willing to proceed, she was too. We traveled to Denver and did a cycle with my eggs in November 2016. Dr. Kondapalli knew the exact protocol for dealing with someone with diminished ovarian reserve, and her recommended protocol ultimately led to one cycle where we had three CCS normal embryos. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy after transferring one embryo, and I doubt we would have had this type of success at another clinic. CCRM, Dr. Kondapalli, and the entire staff (especially the nurses) were wonderful throughout the entire process. They were always responsive to phone calls and emails, and were so skilled in dealing with my difficult fertility condition. I think CCRM has experience and knowledge that other clinics do not, and this can mean the difference between a successful vs. unsuccessful cycle. Dr. Kondapalli’s bedside manner with patients is wonderful, and she and the nursing staff helped us navigate the emotionally and physically draining IVF process on so many different occasions. CCRM helped us complete our family, and we cannot recommend them enough.”

“I really loved working with Dr. Kondapalli. She was always positive during our appointments and encouraging throughout the process. Dr. K never thought any question was irrelevant (and I had a lot). Honestly, one of the best things I love about her is that she would draw visual aids when explaining the process and next steps – it made everything so much more easy to understand. I have already referred friends to see her – would see her again if I ever needed to!”

“My husband and I had quite the long journey to pregnancy, and I can’t imagine having gone through it with anyone except Dr. Kondapalli. Even when we were at our lowest, she helped give us hope, explaining next steps and alternative options. She is very patient-centered, offering empathy and support while also providing all the relevant statistics and latest research. She does a great job understanding your goals and setting expectations. On multiple occasions, she followed up with us personally (even after hours) to share results and answer our questions. We couldn’t have gotten through it all without Dr. K!”

“After undergoing 5 cycles of IVF at another facility with only one successful outcome, we chose to travel to CCRM and were referred to Dr. Kondapalli. From the moment we set up our first appointment on the phone, we had a completely different experience from our previous practice and were amazed at the organization, timely responses and knowledge of all staff we came in contact with. Dr. Kondapalli spent a tremendous amount of time in consultation with us, explaining each step of the way, as well as speaking with us about our progress along the way. She told us what we would could likely expect from the very beginning as far as our chances of conceiving and she was SPOT ON as far as her prediction for our outcome. We have a healthy baby girl after our very first embryo transfer at CCRM and have nothing but heartfelt thanks and gratitude for Dr. Kondapalli and her staff. We would recommend her to ANYONE considering infertility treatment!”

“Words alone cannot convey how highly I respect and appreciate Dr. Kondapalli. The infertility journey is not an easy one, and like many others, I arrived at CCRM filled with both grief and hope. I previously suffered from recurrent miscarriages and was diagnosed with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. I also was of “advanced maternal age.” Dr. Kondapalli was frank and forthright about my prospects for successfully conceiving, and also encouraging and supportive. She walked with me every step of the way, as did the rest of the staff at CCRM. Their attentiveness and attention to detail surpassed my expectations, and someone was always available to answer my questions. I would recommend Dr. Kondapalli to anyone struggling with fertility. She is an extraordinary doctor–an extraordinary person–and she made me a mother. I am eternally grateful to her!”

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