‘Fertility FM’ Podcast: Episode 2- Preserve Your Fertility

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Presented by: CCRM Team, Dr. Jamie Knopman, in collaboration with Dear Media

Preserve Your Fertility

In our latest episode of the podcast series, Fertility FM, hosted by Whitney Port and featuring content creator Siff Haider, we dive deep into the world of fertility preservation. This series, presented by the CCRM Team in collaboration with Dr. Jamie Knopman, offers invaluable insights for anyone exploring their fertility options.

This episode zeroes in on women’s fertility preservation, specifically egg and embryo freezing – a pivotal choice for many looking to secure their reproductive future. We dissect critical questions that loom large for those considering this path:

  • How can one test for fertility?
  • What age is considered optimal for egg freezing?
  • The lifespan and viability of frozen eggs and embryos.

Our discussion aims to demystify these topics, providing clarity and expert-backed information.

Highlighting Dr. Knopman’s involvement with Chick Mission, we shed light on their incredible work. This organization extends hope to women battling cancer, offering them grants to freeze their eggs and preserve their chance for motherhood. With hundreds of grants awarded, Chick Mission stands as a testament to the power of compassion and support in the face of adversity.

A crucial segment of our podcast addresses the financial aspects of egg and embryo preservation. Understanding the costs involved is key for those considering this procedure. Additionally, we tackle prevalent misconceptions about women’s fertility preservation, striving to replace myths with facts and evidence-based information.

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