‘Fertility FM’ Podcast: Episode 1- Mastering Your Fertility

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Presented by: CCRM Team, Dr. Jonah Bardos and Dr. Callum Potts, in collaboration with Dear Media

Mastering IVF Planning

Embarking on the path to parenthood through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can feel like navigating uncharted waters. To illuminate this journey, we’re thrilled to introduce “Fertility FM,” a compelling new series, brought to you by CCRM Fertility in collaboration with Dear Media.

Hosted by the engaging Whitney Port and featuring insights from Dear Media’s own Pia Baroncini, this podcast series is an audio haven for anyone on the IVF path. Whether you’re charting your course for the first time or seeking advanced navigational tools, “Fertility FM” is designed to empower and educate.

CCRM Fertility of Miami fertility specialists Dr. Jonah Bardos and Dr. Callum Potts join us, offering their extensive knowledge and compassionate guidance. Their expert voices delve deep into the IVF landscape, providing clarity and confidence to our listeners.

We acknowledge the IVF journey as an intensely emotional and physical process, which is why we are committed to offering not just information, but also support and compassion. Our podcast guides you through every step of IVF, from the initial considerations to the forefront of reproductive innovations, providing a well-rounded resource for your fertility journey.

We tackle setting clear expectations, outline detailed planning techniques, and advise on the appropriate timing for seeking a specialist’s input. Dr. Jonah Bardos urges starting these critical discussions early, advising, “If you are concerned about your reproductive health, start the conversation.” Adding to this, Dr. Callum Potts highlights the individualized nature of IVF treatment, noting, “You aren’t just a cookie-cutter 50/50 outcome; we give you a more personalized updated chance of success based on the procedures we are doing.” It is our aim to make “Fertility FM” your comprehensive guide, empathetically supporting you through this life-changing process.

At CCRM Fertility, we believe in providing comprehensive care and support for all aspects of fertility. This podcast is an extension of our commitment to you. We’re not just here to deliver exceptional fertility care; we’re here to walk alongside you, offering reassurance and insight every step of the way.

We invite you to join Whitney, Pia, Dr. Bardos, Dr. Potts, and the multitude of voices that make up the fertile community at Fertility FM.

Begin with CCRM Fertility, setting the global standards for fertility care through personalized testing and treatment, evidence-based practices, superior doctors, clinicians, laboratories, and in-house genetics and research teams.

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