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Dr. Mark Payson is the Medical Director of CCRM Fertility of Northern Virginia. He sees patients on Tuesdays at our Rockville location and every other day at the Vienna main office.

He served as director of the IVF Program at Walter Reed until 2012, completing his military career as a Navy Commander. Dr. Payson then worked in private practice in the DC metro region before founding CCRM Northern Virginia with Dr. William Schoolcraft. He has many years of experience in IVF treatmentIUI treatmentPCOS treatmentgestational surrogacy, among other areas.

Mark started his undergraduate career in astrophysics before ultimately receiving a degree in film and literature from Harvard University. He spent several years living overseas in Italy and the Czech Republic before returning to the states to obtain his medical degree from Brown University. He undertook residency with the Navy at Walter Reed Bethesda and completed fellowship training at the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Payson is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.  Working with you, he will evaluate the causes of infertility and offer individualized treatment options. With extensive experience with many different treatments and IVF protocols, including Natural Cycle IVF, Dr. Payson will help find the treatments that are best for you.

Dr. Payson has been involved in IVF research and published many papers in the field of fertility. He teaches medical students and residents and has received best teacher awards, as well as accolades from his patients. Dr. Payson looks forward to helping you in your fertility journey and making it as straight forward and stress free as possible.

Dr. Payson was also named a Castle Connolly Top Doctor from 2018-2024, a Washingtonian Top Doctor each year consecutively from 2018-2023, and a 2021 and 2022 top doctor in Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top Doctors.

What Patients Are Saying About Dr. Payson

“I am forever grateful that we found Dr. Payson and the CCRM team! They were wonderful every step of the way. We had previously met with two other fertility doctors in the area, and definitely felt that Dr. Payson was the best of the best! All of the staff go out of their way to greet you by name, and they’re all so warm and welcoming. The patient portal system they have is great, and any time I had a question during the process, it was answered promptly. We are so thankful for the success we had with Dr. Payson, and the only downside is I wish we had found him sooner!!”

“There are two reasons for my 5 star review, the first is about outcomes, but the second is almost as important which is related to the wonderful care and experience we had at CCRM. TL/DR: IVF can be such a difficult journey- I wish I had done more research and landed at CCRM initially. I hope this helps save you time, money, and emotional energy- go see Dr. Payson for a consult! 1) Results: We came to Dr. Payson almost ready to give up after 3 failed IUIs, and 3 IVF cycles which resulted in 1 failed transfer at another local clinic. We noticed a huge difference immediately in how we were treated at our consultation- our situation was reviewed and we were given hope that despite our “unexplained” diagnosis and challenges producing quality embryos, Dr. Payson was confident he could get us there, and asked us to “trust his labs”. I also appreciated his sense of empathy about how taxing the process can be. Our first round with Dr. Payson produced the worst retrieval we had had yet, but he was open to hearing me out about what protocol worked better for me previously and completely switched things up in the second round. From there, we had a very successful retrieval which ultimately resulted in a successful transfer and resulting pregnancy. 2) Care/treatment: This was the game changer for me. I actually enjoyed coming in for monitoring because I got to spend time with Mark who did my blood draw every time. He is simply a joy to be around! The front desk staff was always very pleasant and welcoming. The other game changer was Dr. Payson did every single ultrasound and procedure (retrieval and transfer) personally. At my previous clinic, it was whoever was on-call which made me feel like an number and not a patient. The smaller size of CCRM means the care is very personalized- it was easy to get in touch with my nurse, I spoke with embryology directly who answered my millions of questions on fertilization results, and Dr. Payson even took me through a power point from a talk he does on genetic testing’s efficacy when I was on the fence about proceeding. I couldn’t even get a phone call with my RE at the previous clinic I went to. I also felt like I was Beyonce at my transfer- the surgery facilities are all on-site and private and I felt like everyone was rooting for me-I even got to play my own music! The experience at CCRM vs. my previous clinic was truly night and day!”

“Rumor has it that you are pregnant Sally very funny right? This was Dr Payson being funny as usual. He is the most professional, compassionate, easy to get along with person.  Having a failed natural cycle IVF from a different clinic where I felt like I didn’t matter to them, I gave up on having a child, but when I walked into CCRM, trust me, everything was the opposite from what I experienced with my previous clinic. From the receptionist who I wonder how she keeps track of everyone’s name as they walked in was unbelievable. That makes her a genius which I always shared with my husband. I went for all my monitoring always feeling happy and hopefully. My husband and I felt like Mark the Phlebotomist was always smiling,  funny, very chatty and a nerve calmer. My nurse Alicia was always reachable, she answered every silly question I asked her. I am so grateful that our first IUI worked out. Thanks to the entire team of CCRM , especially Dr Payson. He assured my husband and I that he will give us a baby and he didn’t fail. Infertility can be nerve racking, but with the CCRM team, it can be smooth and painless. I want to say a big thank you to everyone at CCRM for making our dream come to reality. Thanks ever so much”

“I can’t speak more highly of our experience with Dr. Payson and his team at CCRM Northern Virginia. After a frustrating year and a half of fertility treatments elsewhere – all with a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” – Dr. Payson really took the time to study our case and our records, and I felt he was personally invested in our success. I saw him almost daily during my IVF stimulation cycle, as finding the right dose was tricky, but he was committed to getting it right. Dr. Payson opened up the clinic just for me to have a Sunday egg retrieval, as he felt I would be better served to go in on Sunday instead of waiting until Monday. After 2 rounds of IVF elsewhere that never yielded any blastocysts, at CCRM Northern Virginia, several embryos finally became blastocysts, most of which were deemed chromosomally normal. Our treatment at the facility and by the staff was top notch, and we felt extremely well cared for. With the skill of the CCRM Northern Virginia team, and a good deal of luck, our first transfer took, and is playing happily in his crib as I write this. We are so incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Payson and this clinic.”

“Dr. Payson was our IVF doctor and we had an incredible experience at CCRM. We spent two years at another fertility clinic and switched to CCRM after several unsuccessful embryo transfers. Dr Payson carefully reviewed our history and spent a few months getting to know us and taking extra precautions by running several tests. I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Payson, the way he treats his patients, and the CCRM staff. After going there for just a few months, they all felt like family by the end. Dr Payson is caring, friendly, and committed to his patients. We are so glad we found him and CCRM! Would recommend them to anyone seeking fertility treatment.”

“We worked with three different clinics, and I cannot recommend CCRM enough. Dr. Payson, Jaime, and the entire team were fantastic through the entire process. It was clear we received the best possible care and advice, and the entire team made what can be an incredibly difficult and emotional process easier. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and most important, we just welcomed our perfect new baby.”

“Fertility journey is very hard and stressful at times, We have tried other clinics before CCRM but no where was as comforting and caring as CCRM. We have had a great experience with CCRM and Dr. Payson. The staff are kind, empathic and helpful. Dr. Payson is very knowledgeable and caring, his protocols were amazing and effective. He patiently answered our every question, even the silly ones, and clearly explained the plan to us from the outset. His sense of calm and confidence at every step and during every procedure was reassuring. Procedures and tests were all performed in a timely manner. I’m now pregnant for the first time and owe it to Dr. Payson and CCRM. I also express my gratitude to CCRM staff, Jennifer, Kaitlin and Mark.”

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