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CCRM Northern Virginia, founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft and Dr. Mark Payson, is dedicated to providing patients with industry leading quality patient care and outcomes. The new facility houses an all-inclusive center with an on-site clinic, surgery center, IVF laboratory and clinical laboratory.

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When Do You Need to See a Fertility Specialist at CCRM Northern Virginia?

  • If you have been trying to get pregnant for one year and are under 35, or for six months and you’re over 35.

  • If you have had multiple miscarriages or failed IUI/IVF cycles, a CCRM Northern Virginia physician may be able to help.

  • If you are of child-bearing age and would like to determine your current fertility potential (ovarian reserve).

  • If you are planning to create a family in the future, but now is not the right time. CCRM can preserve your eggs for future use.

  • If you are interested in learning about LGBT Family Building.

  • If you are a single woman or man that is interested in having a baby.

  • If you have received a cancer diagnosis and are interested in fertility preservation.

Why Choose CCRM Northern Virginia?

  • Nationally Recognized Fertility Specialists

  • Best in Class Patient Care

  • State-of-the-Art Laboratory

  • Highly Skilled Embryologists

  • Personalized Approach

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Mark Payson, MD
Mark Payson, MDFounder & Practice Director
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Vasiliki A. Moragianni, MDInfertility Physician

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