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Project Description

Infertility In the News: Why Reporter Jenny Anchondo Is Sharing Her Story of Secondary Infertility + Pregnancy Loss


CCRM Dallas-Fort Worth, is proud to be featured in this powerful podcast episode featuring Emmy-award winning broadcaster Jenny Anchondo. Once a private individual regarding her personal life, Jenny has chosen to share her touching journey through pregnancy loss and secondary infertility to shed light on a subject often shrouded in silence.

Jenny confronts a common fertility misconception—the belief that fertility is unending, a myth perpetuated by celebrity pregnancies in later life. Now 41 and candid about the trials and triumphs of her fertility experience, she seeks to educate and support others who feel isolated in their struggles.

Adding to the episode’s depth, CCRM Fertility Specialist Dr. Dorette Noorhasan MD offers her unique perspective, blending professional knowledge with personal understanding, and educates listeners on miscarriage and fertility challenges.

This poignant episode not only highlights individual stories like Jenny’s but also exemplifies CCRM’s dedication to fertility education and patient support. Visit CCRMIVF.com/dallasfortworth to explore more resources or to schedule a consultation with their world-class specialists.

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