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Dr. Dorette Noorhasan is the Medical Director and Co-Founder of CCRM Dallas – Fort Worth. She is board certified as a Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist.

Dr. Noorhasan grew up in the United States Virgin Islands. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of the Virgin Islands and attended medical school at Boston University School of Medicine. While in medical school, Dr. Noorhasan did medical missions to Guatemala and Mexico. After medical school, she completed her Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at the University of Texas, Houston, and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship at New Jersey Medical School.

She has published in numerous journals including Fertility and Sterility, Human Reproduction, Women’s Health Issues, Journal of Pediatrics, and Obstetrics and Gynecology International.  Additionally, she wrote the chapter entitled “Does Psychiatric Diagnosis Affect Fertility Outcomes?” in the book called Women’s Reproductive Mental Health Across the Lifespan. She is the author of the books – Miracle Baby: A Fertility Doctor’s Fight for Motherhood and The Fertility Manual: Reproductive Options for your Family – drdorettenoorhasan.com.  Dr. Noorhasan truly understands what it is like to walk in her patient’s shoes. She has personally done five cycles of in vitro fertilization to ultimately create an embryo that was eventually transferred to a surrogate. Because of her surrogate’s kindness, Dr. Noorhasan has also been able to experience parenthood, something she once thought was unattainable.

Dr. Noorhasan truly believes that the healthier you are, the healthier your eggs and sperm will be, the healthier the pregnancy. She has completed extra hours of education by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine so she can educate her patients about healthy lifestyles. Dr. Noorhasan has received numerous awards including D Magazine Top Doctors in both Dallas and Collin counties, Texas Monthly Top Doctors, Mom-Approved Doctors by DFW Child Magazine, Collin County Top Doctors,  2014-2024 Castle Connolly Top Doctor and Castle Connolly Exceptional Woman in Medicine. Dr. Noorhasan believes in providing individualized compassionate care to her patients. Her favorite part of her job is seeing her patients’ faces light up when they present for their first obstetrical ultrasound.

Dr. Noorhasan is conversational in Spanish.

CCRM Fertility Blogs Authored by Dr. Noorhasan:


“Extremely helpful! She is very understanding and takes time to talk through your concerns. She is very informed and addresses every issue in detail. Truly one of the best doctors I have encountered.”

“The whole infertility journey is so stressful and emotional. Dr Noorhasan was such a great guide and support. She made the journey less scary and I appreciated her honesty throughout the process. She listened to my concerns and worked with me to make the best decisions possible for our wants and limitations. There are a lot of choices and options in the infertility world, and I’m so blessed and grateful to have chosen Dr Noorhasan to help us start our family. signed, a new mom”

“For the sake of time. I will keep it short. I have gone through 5 IVF treatments including a PGS tested embryo. No success. Switched to Dr. Noorhasan after seeing 4 other doctors. Currently pregnant. If you have had several failed “cycles” please RUN to Dr. Noorhasan. Everyone is kind and professional (surgical, embryologist, finances, nursing, front office). Dr. Noorhasan is the BEST doctor and second to none.”

“Dr. Noorshasan was amazing with explaining everything to me and helping me get a better understanding of things. She is really sweet and will take great care of you and any questions comments or concerns”

“My husband and I struggled for 5 years to get pregnant on our own. We went to CCRM in July 2018 to start the process of IVF and we recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in September. I am beyond thankful for CCRM and Dr Noorhasan because without the amazing work they do I wouldn’t be a mom today.”

“My husband and I love Dr. Noorhasan and the staff at CCRM. She was so thorough with each step of our process to conceive our baby girl. Every appointment we were given one on one time to ask any questions we had and if we thought of something after, the nurses were great about getting back to us. The embryologist was also great at answering all my questions while we waited for our final embryo count after egg retrieval. We have been to another clinic in the area and I know what it feels like to be “another patient” receiving the same treatment as every other IVF patient. We are so thankful to have found Dr. Noorhasan because she took the time to review my situation and make adjustments to the protocol as needed. We can’t wait for baby #2 with CCRM!”

“Navigating infertility is an unspeakably difficult journey, something you never expect to face. The only thing that can make your worst fears coming true better is being surrounded by people that make you feel unconditionally supported at ever step. Dr. Noorhasan’s expertise and calming energy was a constant source of reassurance. The whole CCRM staff are a joy to be around and everyone here made a profound imprint on my delicate experience. Thank you all.”

“This is a wonderful facility. Especially for LGBTQ. They make you feel awesome and safe. Dr. Noorhasan is very knowledgeable and so is the nurses here. Great place.”

“Dr. Noorhasan and her staff are great! Nothing but exceptional patient care. I always felt like a name and not a number. If you are looking for a great fertility doctor and caring staff, look no further! It’s made a difficult process such an easier one!”

“Words can’t really describe how lucky I was to find Dr.Noorhasan, her knowledge and Patience is on another level. I felt understood and she would take time to explain everything in detail. The staff is all awesome.”

“Heard about CCRM through a family member who successfully carried twin girls. Dr. Noorhasan answered our questions and we got pregnant weeks from our first meeting with her. We have had failed IVF’s in the past and with some recommendations from Dr. Noorhasan, we are expecting!!!”

“My experience with Dr. Noorhasan was outstanding. The process was scary because there are no guarantees but Dr. N and her staff really care about the patient well-being and positive outcomes. Try to remain positive through the whole procedure and trust that Dr. N is making all the correct decisions for you. Honestly starting from the consultation, I was apprehensive just like the next woman going through the process but after listening to Dr. Noorhasan and her reasonings behind every step, I felt so much more at ease. I’m happy to say, every step got easier and now my baby and I graduating to normal care! Thank you Dr. Noorhasan for my growing gift of life! Don’t try to penny pincher with this experience, it’s completely worth every penny!”

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