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Johns Creek Fertility Clinic – ACRM

6470 E. John’s Crossing Suite 200
Duluth, GA 30097


  • New Patients Consultations
  • Ultrasounds & Blood Work

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  • Aetna**
  • Kaiser of Colorado (some plans – please contact a financial representative for more information)
  • Progyny*
  • United Healthcare PPO (includes affiliates, such as UMR, Oxford Health, Harvard Pilgrim, Golden Rule, etc.)**

*Progyny fertility benefits vary based on your employer. All Progyny patients (new or existing at a clinic) must first call their Progyny Patient Care Advocate (PCA) for authorization before scheduling an appointment at CCRM.

**CCRM Colorado is proud to be designated as both an Aetna and a United Healthcare Center of Excellence.


Insurance plans that are partially in-network with CCRM only cover physician consults, in-office procedures, and ultrasounds. Partially in-network plans DO NOT cover services provided by Fertility Labs of Colorado, CCRM’s IVF Lab and Surgery Center, which include blood work, semen testing, IVF/Embryology procedures, and Surgery Center fees.

  • Anthem BlueCross BlueShield PPO
  • Cofinity PPO Plans
  • Cigna (all plans except Local Plus, Sure Fit, and HMO)
  • Great West PPO
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plan PPO

Our Doctors

Lisa A. Hasty
Lisa A. HastyMD
André L. Denis
André L. DenisMD, MPH
Robin H. Fogle
Robin H. FogleMD
Kathryn C. Calhoun
Kathryn C. CalhounMD, FACOG
Bonnie Patel
Bonnie PatelMD

What Patients Are Saying About CCRM Colorado

“We had an initial phone consult with Dr. Schoolcraft, then met with him during our extremely organized and highly efficient “one day workup” at CCRM. We received our IVF calendar the next day, then flew out to CO about 2 months later for our egg retrieval. We then had our first (unsuccessful) frozen embryo transfer about 6 weeks later followed by our second (successful) FET two months after that. From our phone consult to pregnant via IVF was about 6 months in time. Dr. Schoolcraft is incredibly smart and is truly one of the leading experts in the infertility world. He wasn’t always forthcoming with information, but if we had questions, he took the time to answer them all. So in meeting with him on the phone and in person, at each step, it was helpful to have all of our questions prepared ahead of time. Our nurse, Michele, was incredibly organized and super responsive. She held our hands the entire way and we are so grateful for her help and expertise. Everything at CCRM was great!” – Shelby

“After a 4+ year journey to start a family, we welcomed the most amazing baby boy this December thanks to Dr. Surrey and the CCRM team. The attention to every detail, professionalism, compassion and support at CCRM was incredible. With the 1st IVF transfer unsuccessful and a heartbreaking miscarriage with another doctor at a different fertility clinic, we were devastated. We highly recommend Dr. Surrey and CCRM and wish we would have started the entire process with them from day 1.” – Anonymous

“Highly, highly recommend Dr. Ehrhart. I had a very complicated infertility history (4 years worth) and before our first phone interview, Dr. Ehrhart had read through my entire file and was completely familiar with my situation. We liked her so much that we traveled to Colorado to do an egg retrieval and fertilization, which was successful, and we plan to transfer one of our frozen embryos in the future. Dr. Ehrhart was in touch with my local fertility doctors during the stim phase, stayed on top of my situation (which was important because I was following a fairly unusual protocol), and was always available when I had questions. Her bedside manner is incredibly warm and thoughtful and we are looking forward to working with her in the future!” – Erica

“Dr. Gustafson was such a great doctor for the past year of our IVF journey. He thoroughly went over our background, discussed our options, and was very honest and open throughout the entire process. We suffered 5 miscarriages and an ectopic rupture which removed all of my Fallopian tubes, leaving IVF as our only option. CCRM goes above and beyond on their pre-IVF testing to ensure there are no underlying issues and if there are, they treat those first. We are happy to report that we are currently 9 weeks pregnant with a baby girl after only one embryo transfer. We credit this to Dr. G! Thank you!” – Sheena

“I had the best experience at CCRM. In July of last year, I went to a different endocrinologist who gave me a pretty bleak fertility outlook and who presented the news in a very unprofessional manner. After grieving for a few weeks, I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Sara Barton at CCRM, and I am so grateful that I did! She was kind, understanding, and professional. She listened to my experience, had me get retested at CCRM to confirm my AMH (1.3) and FSH (10.5) #s, and walked me through all the possibilities with egg harvesting – both good and bad. I made the decision to go through the egg harvesting process in February and was able to freeze more eggs than I expected (11!). Throughout the entire experience, I felt super supported by the entire CCRM staff, especially my assigned nurse, Britney, who was available via phone or email any time I had a question (and I had quite a few!). Definitely recommend to anyone who wants the best of the best helping them in their fertility journey.” – Anonymous

“I went through several cycles of IVF before seeking treatment from CCRM. If you are like me, and were about give up on your dream of having a baby, give it one more shot at this clinic. We had a wonderful experience! The processes and protocols are so detailed. Happy to say we were blessed with our miracle baby. We are huge advocates of this clinic.” – Sonya

“There are SO MANY great things to say about CCRM! I have been trying to conceive for over 5 years and had no luck. January of this year I decided to make one call to set up my first fertility consultation. My boyfriend of 11 years went to the appointment as well. Upon arrival, we were informed who we would be seeing. Our doctor was Laxmi Kondapalli. She was AMAZING the whole consultation and noticed that we both were very nervous and emotional. She took her time explaining all the upcoming appointments and gave us many possibilities/explanations to why we were having trouble conceiving. I left that day feeling very confident that this was the place we were meant to be! After many tests between myself and my boyfriend, we were candidates for a procedure called Intrauterine Insemination “IUI.” The next 4-5 months were very emotional and busy for us. We attempted IUI twice and both times we were unsuccessful but with the encouragement of the AMAZING staff, Dr. Kondapalli and her nurse Angelica we decided to try one last time. It WORKED!! I was so happy to find out I was pregnant at the end of July! I am now 8.5 weeks pregnant and feel so thankful for EVERYONE’S support and kind words. This place was truly a blessing for us and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! I will never forget my experience and we will be forever grateful!” -Eden

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