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CCRM Fertility of Dallas-Fort Worth

Traveling to Dallas

Steps For Patients Traveling to CCRM fertility of Dallas-Fort Worth

CCRM Fertility has assisted thousands of couples from around the world in their desire to become parents.

We welcome all patients to our fertility center, and we try to coordinate our patients’ care with their individual needs and to limit the travel required to our center. The following steps will assist patients residing outside of Dallas who seek care in our center. (The steps are the same for in vitro fertilization and patients who may need egg donation.)

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  1. The initial consultation can be done by telehealth appointment. One of CCRM Fertility’s clinicians will review your fertility history and to determine how CCRM can help you achieve your family-building goals.
  2. Next you will need to travel to Frisco, TX for a comprehensive One Day Work-Up. The following tests will be performed: Hysterosalpingogram (HSG), Saline Infusion Sonogram (SIS), blood tests, and a detailed semen analysis. You will meet the staff during the one day work-up, many of whom you will work with during your IVF or donor cycle. Some test results are available the same day. You will do a regroup telehealth a few weeks later to review the blood testing results and your physician will recommended a treatment plan at the regroup. Patients benefit from the One Day Work-Up as it expedites the process by enabling the clinicians to develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific issues.
  3. If you are an IVF patient using your own eggs, your next step is to obtain medications for use during the IVF cycle. The medication may be obtained from a local pharmacy or you can arrange to have them mailed to you. We work with several pharmacies to ensure that patients receive competitive prices for fertility drugs.
  4. Once the IVF cycle begins and you begin taking your cycle medications, we will coordinate your medical care with your local physician. Your local physician can arrange early ultrasound and blood hormonal testing to assess your response to fertility drugs. Test results can be faxed on the day of completion for interpretation by our physicians. A CCRM nurse coordinator will call you that afternoon to provide medication instructions. By working with local physicians, most patients from outside of Dallas – Fort Worth can begin their fertility drug injections at home.
  5. A trip to CCRM Dallas-Fort Worth will be necessary approximately six days before your egg collection procedure. Final ultrasound studies and blood tests will be done to determine when your eggs are optimally mature.
  6. When your eggs are mature, you will be scheduled for the egg retrieval procedure which is completed in our on-site surgery center. If applicable, the male partner should be present on the day of the egg retrieval to provide a semen specimen which is used to fertilize the eggs. Following egg retrieval your embryos are grown in the IVF laboratory for five to seven
  7. Most patients will eventually do a frozen embryo transfer and therefore can travel back home 2 – 3 days after egg retrieval. Until you get your period following the egg retrieval (this typically occurs within 2 weeks of the egg retrieval), do not lift anything greater than 10 pounds during this time frame, do not sit for longer than two hours without stretching your legs or going for a light walk, do not put anything in the vagina, and do not take baths (just showers). If you are going to do a fresh embryo transfer, this is completed three to five days after embryo retrieval.
  8. After an embryo transfer, you need to remain on bed rest for 48 hours, and then you can return home. Our nurse coordinators will work closely with you to provide you with as much advanced notice as possible as to the dates you will need to be in Dallas-Fort Worth. After your embryo transfer, you will be instructed on which medications to continue to use. A blood pregnancy test can be performed through your local physician. The results will be sent to us the same day, so we can inform you of your pregnancy status. If you are pregnant we will continue to work with you and your local physician on the medications, ultrasounds, and lab tests which are needed to maximize your chance of maintaining a successful pregnancy.


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