10 Vital Questions to Ask Your Fertility Doctor

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Written by: Dr. Lauren Ehrhart, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist at CCRM Fertility of Colorado

Going to a fertility clinic is a stressful, but an important step in the fertility journey. The first few visits can be especially nerve-wracking not knowing what to expect and having large amounts of information given to you. It is critical to ask the right questions at your visits but if you are overwhelmed and new to the fertility process, it is easy to forget to your questions. One trick to making sure you ask all your questions is to compile a list prior to your visit. At the end of your visit, pull out your list of questions and run though it with your physician to make sure all of your questions have been answered.

To make those first few visits easier, here are 10 vital questions you should ask your fertility doctor:

Typically, your first visit will include an extensive review of your medical history, any testing you have completed, and any prior treatments you have done.  Important questions for that first visit include:

  1. Based on our history and previous testing what potential issues do you think we may have going on? What additional testing would you recommend I do to help with diagnosis?
  2. How does my age affect my fertility and chances for a healthy pregnancy? And are there any lifestyle or medical issues I have that you recommend I work on/get evaluated to help with my fertility or chances for a healthy pregnancy?
  3. How long do you think it will take to get my workup completed and potentially start some form of treatment? And how best to get these tests scheduled?
  4. Who is the best person to contact if I have any questions about evaluation or treatment?
  5. How do I set up a meeting with the business office to review costs associated with the recommended evaluation and later the recommended treatment?

It is likely that you will then regroup with your physician once your testing has been completed to review testing results and discuss potential treatment options. At this visit, your questions should include:

  1. What is our diagnosis?
  2. What are our treatment options and what treatment would you recommend?
  3. How long should we try this treatment before moving on to another option? What other options do I have if that treatment doesn’t work?
  4. Can you draw me a brief outline of what this treatment entails and potential side effects/things to expect?
  5. When can we start treatment, and is there anything else I need to complete prior to being able to start?

Infertility and the fertility can be scary and complex but it is important to ask the right questions, so that you make informed decisions that can positively impact your future. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a CCRM physician.

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