Finding Success After Previous IVF Failures

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The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s the season for the family photo Christmas card. While for most of us the photo might not mean much, for those struggling to start a family, it can be a painful reminder that someone else has the family they so desperately want for themselves.

Many of those struggling to start a family have suffered from repeated in vitro fertilization (IVF) failures, leaving them almost convinced that nothing can work. But there is hope. CCRM has had significant success helping couples who have experienced IVF failures at other fertility clinics.

CCRM routinely incorporates innovative procedures in its treatment plans for more challenging patients, including:

  • Specialized medication protocols for ovarian stimulation of women over 39, those with mild elevations in FSH, and patients who have previously stimulated poorly with fertility drugs.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for patients with male factor infertility or those who previously had low fertilization rates or fertilization failure.
  • Assisted hatching of embryos to increase the chance of implantation in the uterine cavity.
  • Donor egg IVF. Donors may be a family member or friend of the woman desiring a pregnancy or an anonymous young woman.
  • Host uterus or gestational carrier IVF. Used when the woman desiring children has a uterine abnormality which prevents her from successfully achieving a pregnancy through placement of the embryos inside her own uterus.
  • Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS). This procedure involves testing embryos for complete chromosomes before transfer to increase the chances of healthy pregnancy.

Failed IVF cycles at other clinics does not mean that you cannot conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy. CCRM’s use additional treatments, diet, and other therapies can greatly increase the chances of you having the family you want. Additionally, CCRM’s labs are a key factor in our high success rates.

See the Gore Family Success Story for an example one of the difficult cases CCRM regularly encounters.

If you are interested in learning how CCRM can help you grow your family, please contact us.

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