Sheneeza’s Story


“I cannot believe it was almost two years ago when I found out that I had to have my Fallopian tube removed. I had the other one removed two years prior due to the same complication. I could not believe this was happening to me at 28 years old. I remember feeling hopeless and depressed. My doctor recommend[ed] that I seek help from a fertility specialist since my desire to have children was so strong. I scheduled a meeting with with Dr. Hasty at ACRM.”

“From the very first appointment hope began to fill my heart again. It was that same hope that I hung on to the entire journey until I held my daughter in my hands. From the doctors to the nursing staff to the administration team, everyone was wonderful and professional. I was so blessed to get pregnant on my first cycle even though my chances of success were very low. We are so grateful for our little Izzie. She is the joy of our world. We thank everyone at ACRM for helping to make her life possible.”

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