Megan’s Story


My husband and I were married in Jan 2007. We decided to start trying for a family in Jan 2011, after over a year of trying naturally in July of 2012 we visited with our first Infertility Doctor. We were diagnosed as Unexplained Infertility and proceeded through 2 years of monitored cycles and IUI which never resulted in a pregnancy. We took a break and in Winter of 2016 we visited Dr. Mark Kan at CCRM Fertility Orange County and immediately knew he would be the doctor to help us along in this journey to starting our family. He was very honest and upfront about what we should do and we took his advice and council which resulted in our first successful pregnancy in August 2017. Our son was born in May 2018 and we contacted Dr. Kan in October 2018. We completed a successful FET in February 2019 and are due this coming November. Throughout this journey Dr. Kan has remained so steady and confident in his care for us. He is always pleasant, knowledgeable and caring. His staff is also wonderful! We couldn’t be happier that Dr. Kan is our doctor and that we finally have the family we have dreamed of for so many years.

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