Antioxidant Intervention for Male Factor Infertility due to High Sperm DNA Fragmentation

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A physiological equilibrium between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antioxidants is required for optimal cellular function in all organs and tissues. Loss of this equilibrium results in a redox imbalance leading to sperm DNA fragmentation which can lead to adverse IVF outcomes including lower pregnancy rates and higher miscarriage rates.

CCRM Colorado has been conducting a clinical research study to examine the potential of restoring sperm DNA integrity in men with high sperm DNA fragmentation by antioxidant intervention prior to infertility treatment.

Preliminary results have been incredibly promising with 11 out of 12 men exhibiting a return to a normal range of sperm DNA integrity following 90 days of taking the natural antioxidant prior to egg collection for an IVF cycle. In two-thirds of these cases, the male patients registered DNA fragmentation levels <10% from their initial average of 32%. To date, seven couples have followed up with an embryo transfer, resulting in the birth of four healthy babies and two viable clinical pregnancies.

Restoration of the equilibrium between ROS and antioxidants allows for repair of the redox imbalance and prevention of the generation of sperm DNA fragmentation.

Study Criteria:

Patients must meet all of the requirements and be committed to participation in the IVF program at CCRM Colorado.

  • Male patients will also need to have:
  • High sperm DNA fragmentation (≥16%)
  • No other severe male factor infertility
  • Sufficient ejaculate sperm for ICSI
  • Younger than 50 years of age
  • Willing to take the natural antioxidant supplement for 90 days prior to sperm collection on the day of oocyte retrieval

Additional screening may be required to determine if you are eligible to participate. Those who qualify and consent to participate in the study will receive the exclusive natural antioxidant supplement for the 90 days of treatment and additional incentives.

For more information, call (303) 788-8300 and ask for Rachel M, clinical research coordinator or email ovahealthstudy@colocrm.com.

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