Kelly’s Story


Personal Care at CCRM Northern Virginia

“When we met Dr. Payson we knew nothing about infertility or IVF.  During our first meeting Dr. Payson sat down with us and thoroughly went over everything. He met with us on several occasions and always answered my 50,000 questions. Throughout the entire process Dr. Payson was there for us, supporting us and providing encouragement and hope. I never felt like just a another patient. I knew that when he walked in the room to see me he knew exactly who I was and everything that was going on with my fertility journey. Dr. Payson also personally called me on several occasions. I never felt rushed or brushed off. He was truly an amazing doctor. We will forever be thankful for him because he was a very big part giving us our two miracle children. I still email him with updated pictures of our kids and always appreciate that he takes the time to respond.” – Kelly

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CCRM is one of the industry's leading pioneers in fertility science, research and advancement, offering access to a national network of award-winning physicians, a full suite of fertility services, innovative technology and cutting-edge labs.

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