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The Rioux Family’s Journey With IVF

The Rioux family shares their experience with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and having a baby through IVF (in vitro fertilization) with PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) at CCRM Fertility.

Growing a Family with PCOS

Nora and Silas knew they wanted to have kids since they got married. They knew that when they decided they wanted to have a baby that it could be potentially problematic because of Nora’s PCOS diagnosis, but they remained optimistic. Early on, after beginning their attempts to grow their family naturally, they sought the opinion of a doctor for genetic testing and found the need for Nora to have a small surgery. At this point, the doctor told them that they were probably going to want to try some type of fertility treatment. 

Choosing CCRM

After starting Clomid treatments with Nora’s Ob/Gyn, Nora called the office one day to report that she still had not gotten her period and received congratulations from her nurse who had come to the conclusion that Nora not having her period meant that she was pregnant. For Nora, this misunderstanding was a turning point and she and Silas decided to seek fertility treatment elsewhere. Silas began researching recommended doctors who they could go to and CCRM’s name kept coming up as the fertility clinic that everyone and every place was telling them to go to. It felt like kismet when they discovered that CCRM happened to be right across the hall from her Ob/Gyn office. They called CCRM and had their first appointment, in December of 2017 and felt immediately, that they were in the right hands.

Experiencing Male Factor Infertility and IVF Treatment 

After being seen by their CCRM physician, they discovered that they were impacted by male factor infertility. Neither Nora nor Silas ever imagined this might be an issue because Silas came from a very large family. They had struggled this far and Silas took this diagnosis in stride, as it was just another box checked off of why they weren’t getting pregnant. They began in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment in June of 2017. They went to Silas’ brother’s wedding that Summer and felt like they were bringing parts of a school science experiment with them because of all the meds and patches needed to help them start their family.

In September of 2017, they had their retrieval where they got 21 eggs that resulted in nine healthy embryos after preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and fertilization. Addie was one of those nine healthy embryos, and today, their healthy little girl.

What They Learned

They learned that you can’t beat yourself up for your body not doing what you think it’s supposed to do. Be patient with yourself. Sometimes you just need a bit of assistance to get there. Thankfully, science is at a place where you can rely on doctors, medicine and the kind of magic behind it all to get pregnant.

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