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The Mathur Family’s Journey With IVF

The Mathur’s share their journey with IVF (in vitro fertilization) at CCRM Fertility after failed attempts at another fertility clinic.

Uncovering infertility

Amit and Kavita never imagined that they would have a difficult time getting pregnant when they decided they wanted to start their family. Kavita brought the conversation up to Amit about wanting to start trying to have children. They thought whenever they were ready to have children they could go ahead and get pregnant within a couple of months. They saw their friends who got pregnant right away and assumed it would be the same case for them.

After trying to conceive for about 10 months, Kavita went to her OBGYN and asked why they had not had a positive pregnancy test even with tracking her cycle. Kavita’s OBGYN did some baseline fertility testing, which came back normal. They were happy the testing came back normal but were a little disappointed in a way because they were hoping that they might find something that could tell them why they hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. 

IVF at CCRM Fertility

Their experience at CCRM was really good and they both felt like CCRM Fertility was very organized and well planned, in terms of the program they needed to follow to do their egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Kavita also appreciated having a dedicated nurse to communicate with along their in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey.

Amit and Kavita decided to do genetic testing (PGT) at CCRM Fertility after going through IVF treatment at a previous clinic where they did not choose to do genetic testing and experience a series of chemical pregnancies and miscarriages. They felt like choosing to do a genetic screening made sense this time and have the best chance possible.

Living their dream

Meeting Avi was very emotional. For some time, Kavita never thought that they would experience this moment and lost hope, thinking that it would never happen. Seeing Avi, and having their dream come true felt surreal. Having their son was life-changing and they never knew you could fall in love with something so fast.

Infertility is a difficult struggle to go through, and it is hard to imagine yourself on the other side of it all. Kavita reminds those experiencing infertility and undergoing IVF treatment to remember that it’s a worthwhile fight and there are many ways to build a family.

Where do babies come from?

“Kids come from all different ways, a little bit of science, a little bit of love, of course, and families are made in all different ways.” – Kavita

“Kids come from determination and fighting for what you believe in.” – Amit

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