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The Gonzalez Family’s Journey With IVF

The Gonzalez family bravely shares their fertility journey and how they grew their family via IVF (in vitro fertilization) at CCRM Fertility.

Growing a Family With IVF Treatment

Angela and Hector Gonzalez always knew they wanted to have children, so immediately after their wedding they tried to get pregnant. But a year went by and Angela still wasn’t pregnant, so they decided to go undergo fertility testing. The test results found that Angela had blocked fallopian tubes and in vitro fertilization (IVF) was the best path for them to have biological children.

While the news was discouraging, they decided to move forward with IVF treatment. The process was successful and resulted in the birth of a healthy baby boy. Following the birth of their son, they went through another round of IVF to try for a second child. This attempt was unsuccessful, however, and the Gonzalezes’ still wished to continue pursuing the growth of their family.

Opening up about infertility

Throughout their IVF journey, Angela and Hector never shared their infertility struggles with family or friends due to feelings of shame and fear. It wasn’t until six years after the birth of their son, they decided to come out of the “infertility closet” during National Infertility Awareness Week. They emailed family and friends an embryo photo of their son, and the news that they had undergone IVF treatment to have a baby. They received an amazing response of love and requests for forgiveness from family and friends who had no idea what they had gone through during IVF treatment. They also received calls asking how IVF treatment worked and the steps of the IVF process.

The outpouring of support they received from loved ones gave Angela and Hector the courage and determination to try another round of IVF. They asked their fertility doctor for a referral because a move to Colorado was taking them out of their home state of Florida. Their doctor referred them to CCRM Fertility in Lone Tree, Colorado.

IVF Success at CCRM Fertility

The moment that they walked in the doors of CCRM Fertility, they felt the understanding from the doctors and staff and that they cared about them and their chance at success in building their family. They found immeasurable trust in the doctors, staff and systems and truly felt a part of the process. Their first IVF cycle at CCRM Fertility was successful and on July 6, they heard the cry of their second son that ended their fertility journey by completing their family.

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