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Clinic in Menlo Park Focuses on Reproductive Medicine

Kate Bradshaw, The Almanac
September 20, 2017

A 17,200-square-foot fertility clinic with two physicians and 18 employees has opened at 1060 Marsh Road in Menlo Park.

Called “CCRM San Francisco,” the clinic is an extension of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, based in Lone Tree, Colorado.

According to CCRM spokesperson Katie Kern, the founders were encouraged to start the Menlo Park operation when the original clinic in Colorado began to see many patients from the Bay Area — about one a day, she says.

Founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft in 1987, CCRM has other clinics in Atlanta, Boston, Colorado, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, Orange County, and Toronto. The Menlo Park clinic opened at the end of June.

Co-founded by reproductive endocrinologists Dr. Sunny Jun and Dr. Salli Tazuke, the clinic offers egg freezing, fertility assessment tests, chromosome screening for embryos, in vitro fertilization with single embryos (which reduces the risk of having multiple children at once), and fertility preservation for cancer patients.

Some Silicon Valley companies, such as Facebook in Menlo Park, offer employees services to preserve fertility, Ms. Kern says. “Millennials on average are delaying staring family into their mid-30’s,” when fertility may decline, she says.

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