CCRM Fertility Launches New IVF Refund and Multi-Cycle Programs2020-06-29T13:34:50-06:00

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CCRM Fertility Launches New IVF Refund and Multi-Cycle Programs

Global leader in fertility treatment increases access to successful outcomes by offering the Assure IVF Refund Program and Multi-Cycle Program

DENVER — June 17, 2020 — CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility science, research and advancement, today announced the launch of two new programs designed to help ease the financial burdens for fertility patients that may need multiple in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles. The Assure IVF Refund and Multi-Cycle Programs offer patients the assurance that if multiple IVF cycles are necessary, they will not need to expend additional financial resources to receive them.

The Assure IVF Refund Program allows self-pay patients to pay a fixed, discounted fee for three egg retrievals, comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS), also known as preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy, and unlimited frozen embryo transfers. If the patient does not achieve a successful outcome, they will be refunded 80 to 100 percent of the program fees.

CCRM Fertility’s Multi-Cycle Program is an option for self-pay patients consisting of two IVF freeze all cycles, two cycles of CCS, and unlimited frozen embryo transfers. If the embryos transferred do not result in pregnancy, the individual could also receive a discount on donor eggs from the CCRM Donor Egg Bank.

“Careful financial planning is an integral part of the journey for many patients who are seeking fertility treatments, and it is especially important amidst the current economic climate,” comments CCRM Fertility President and CEO Jon Pardew. “The Assure IVF Refund and Multi-Cycle Programs allow patients and their families to focus on getting the best care without the worry of increasing medical expenses. We hope these programs can help make our patients feel confident in moving forward with their plans for a family.”

Both the Assure IVF Refund Program and the Multi-Cycle Program are available at select CCRM Fertility locations. Patients can qualify for these programs upon meeting certain clinical criteria, to be determined through testing at CCRM Fertility. For additional details, visit ccrmivf.com/ivf-refund-multi-cycle-programs/.

About CCRM Fertility

Founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft in 1987, CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) Fertility is the nation’s leader in fertility care and research. CCRM Fertility specializes in the most advanced fertility treatments, with deep expertise in in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility assessment, fertility preservation, genetic testing, third party reproduction and egg donation. Unlike many other fertility clinics that outsource their specialists and testing needs, CCRM Fertility leverages its own data, as well as a dedicated team of in-house reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and geneticists in order to deliver industry-leading outcomes. CCRM Fertility operates 11 fertility centers (including 26 offices) throughout North America, serving prospective parents in major metropolitan areas, including AtlantaBostonDallas-Fort WorthDenverHoustonNew YorkNorthern VirginiaMinneapolisOrange CountySan Francisco Bay Area and Toronto. For more information, visit ccrmivf.com, become a fan on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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