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May 09, 2011


DENVER — A Colorado fertility clinic has some of the best success rates in the country, and is drawing in patients from around the world.

Pauline De Bes is one of them. The 36 year old is from Holland, but now lives with her husband in Egypt. They have been trying to get pregnant for four years, and before coming to Colorado, went through four failed In Vitro Fertilization cycles.

That’s when the egg is extracted from the woman, fertilized and grown, then transferred back. When almost all hope was lost, Pauline’s doctor in Egypt suggested that she come to see Dr. William Schoolcraft at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine. “He told us if he couldn’t do it, then we should try this miracle doctor in Denver,” Pauline said. So she flew half way around the world, hoping Dr. Schoolcraft can help her.

Two thirds of the patients at CCRM are from outside of Colorado. 10 percent to 15 percent are from out of the country. Dr Schoolcraft says patients come to CCRM for the technology and the [glossaryIVF[/glossary] success rates.

“Our rates are consistently among the top in the world, despite getting those difficult patients who have already had multiple failures,” said Dr. Schoolcraft. For women under 35, the pregnancy rate is nearly 70 percent. For women 38-40, it’s about 50 percent. The clinic has 10 full time researchers. They’ve developed a new way of freezing eggs and [glossary]embryo[/glossary]s, and a new method of chromosomal screenings.

A typical [glossary]IVF[/glossary] cycle will cost about $15,000 plus medication. For more information check the clinic’s website at: https://www.colocrm.com/Home.aspx.

Source: FOX 31 News


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