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December 11, 2012


One in six couples has a hard time getting pregnant. Now doctors at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Lone Tree plan to do a study to see if certain supplements can increase fertility in women ages 35 to 42.
The clinic is starting a study to see the impact of DHEA, a hormone, and the acai berry, an anti-oxidant that is believed to help with anti-aging.

“We were able to obtain from a nonprofit a freeze dried form of this acai berry that has much higher potency in terms of its anti-oxidant properties,” said Dr. William Schoolcraft, the director of the world renowned clinic.

Doctors are hopeful these supplements can improve egg quality for older women.

When the supplements were given to older mice, the results were impressive.

The clinic is looking for 200 women ages 35 to 42 who have had at least one failed [glossary]IVF[/glossary] attempt.

Participants will take the supplements for 12 weeks and then go through another [glossary]IVF[/glossary] cycle.

Dr. Schoolcraft is hopeful. “Is it going to erase the effect of aging and make women 20 again? No, but I think it will improve live birth rates significantly,” he said.

If you are interested in participating in the study, email OvaHealthStudy@colocrm.com or call 303-788-8300.

Kim Posey

Fox 31 News

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