CCRM Fertility’s 2021 State of Fertility Survey Finds Nearly 46% of Dallas-Fort Worth Residents are Uneducated on Fertility Health2021-03-16T12:02:17-06:00

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CCRM Fertility’s 2021 State of Fertility Survey Finds Nearly 46% of Dallas-Fort Worth Residents are Uneducated on Fertility Health

About one-quarter of Dallas locals surveyed have experienced infertility

DALLAS — March 16, 2021 — CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility science, research and treatment, announced the results of its 2021 State of Fertility survey in Dallas, conducted to better understand local attitudes about and knowledge of fertility treatments. Of the 1,000 Dallas-Fort Worth adults surveyed, ages 25-44, nearly half (46%) said they are not educated on their fertility health – 27% say they do not feel well informed, and almost 19% feel ‘clueless.’ One in four survey respondents revealed they have struggled with infertility.

“Throughout adolescence, sex education courses teach us how to prevent pregnancy and we learn about various forms of contraception to ensure we don’t become pregnant,” said CCRM Fertility Dallas-Fort Worth Co-Founder and Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Dorette Noorhasan. “Young adults take extra precaution in avoiding pregnancy, then, when individuals or couples are ready to have a baby, they’re not equipped with basic knowledge about ovulation, such as when they’re most fertile, or even the biological clock associated with female fertility and how it begins to sharply decline in their mid to late 30s.”

Dr. Noorhasan continued, “It is important to be proactive and become educated on your fertility health, so you are not missing your window of time to conceive, which can be different for everyone. Both women and men can benefit from a fertility assessment in their 20s and 30s, which can provide powerful and valuable information about your reproductive potential. Even if you’re not ready to have a baby now, this information can help you make informed decisions about your future fertility.”

The survey also revealed Dallas-Fort Worth resident attitudes on fertility: 76% believe people should feel more comfortable talking about fertility, and a majority of respondents (over 60%) said they feel least comfortable talking about fertility with their friends and family.

Local Dallas residents Sherry and Tony Smith can attest to the importance of taking charge of your fertility health. In Sherry’s early adulthood she found an ovarian tumor, which prompted her to take her fertility health into her own hands. Years later when she and her husband began trying to conceive, she, like 1 in 4 pregnancies, suffered a miscarriage. After two and a half years of difficulty trying to conceive, she found CCRM Fertility and decided to pursue in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Sherry encourages everyone to get their fertility checked out because “knowledge is power,” she says.

Sherry also voices the importance of taking control of your mental health. “For any couple planning to go through fertility treatment of any kind, I highly recommend being proactive with your partner about your emotional wellbeing as individuals, and also as a couple. Starting counseling with a trusted therapist early on, and throughout the entirety of the process, can be very rewarding,” recounts Smith. “You don’t know the kind of communication tools you’ll need until the moment you finally need them, so addressing these concerns before you begin your journey together can help you overcome one of the most difficult parts of the process.”

Additional findings from the survey include:

  • More than 50% of CCRM Fertility survey respondents said they would consider fertility treatment in order to start a family
  • Nearly half of respondents said they believe women are more comfortable talking about fertility than men
  • Over 10% of respondents admitted to having struggled with male-factor infertility
  • More than one fifth of respondents said they had not sought fertility treatment because they never thought to get checked by a doctor
  • 12% said they were afraid of being diagnosed as infertile

For more information about CCRM Fertility Dallas-Fort Worth or to inquire about fertility treatment options, please visit ccrmivf.com/dallasfortworth.

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