CCRM Fertility Announces Video Platform “CCRM TV” Amid COVID-19 Crisis2022-04-27T17:02:43-06:00

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CCRM Fertility Announces video platform “CCRM TV” Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Global leader in fertility treatment commits to patient health and education with the launch of digital platform CCRM TV

DENVER — March 31, 2020 — In response to the shelter-in-place mandate and need for social distancing amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility science, research and advancement, today announced the launch of its new video platform, CCRM TV, a full-scale, online video platform offering valuable information to help viewers navigate their fertility journeys. Featuring CCRM Fertility’s world-class physicians from across its 11 fertility centers throughout North America, CCRM TV aims to offer pregnancy preparedness education in this changing environment. The free videos and online content demonstrate CCRM Fertility’s commitment to continuing to help individuals and couples build their families, while maintaining the health and wellbeing of all patients and the CCRM Fertility team, during this time of uncertainty.

“We understand the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus has caused confusion, concern and has even forced many individuals to pause their fertility treatment journeys, which is a complex process in and of itself,” comments CCRM Fertility CEO and President Jon Pardew. “It’s our hope that CCRM TV along with CCRM Fertility telehealth appointments will help people continue on their path to parenthood. Our commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes for people who want to have a baby is unwavering and CCRM TV enables people to do something while they feel the world is standing still.”

Dr. Brian Levine, founding partner and practice director of CCRM New York, shares his responses to a myriad of patient questions submitted via CCRM Fertility’s social media channels in the first installment of CCRM TV. From how to ensure patients are set up for success following the ASRM suspension as well as the best diet and lifestyle tips, Dr. Levine helps address common concerns arising from the pandemic. CCRM Fertility’s mission with CCRM TV is to educate, inform and prepare patients so that when it is safe to do so, its centers can quickly resume fertility treatment.

“Many of our patients have been waiting months or years to have their babies and the delays to family building caused by factors related to COVID-19 are equally heartbreaking and frustrating,” added Dr. Schoolcraft, founder and medical director of CCRM Fertility. “We will continue to best serve our patients safely during this time with select in-person as well as telehealth appointments for new patient consultations, treatment planning and preconception counseling. CCRM TV is a safe and helpful tool to support our community and move them forward on their paths to pregnancy during these unique times.”

“We know as fertility experts and providers of reproductive healthcare that COVID-19 is a large source of stress and anxiety. It’s our goal to help patients best understand what they can do and what COVID-19 means for today’s reproductive health choices,” said Dr. Levine. “We know patients have trusted CCRM Fertility for over 20 years because of the outcomes we’re able to provide; and we’re using CCRM TV as another way to drive the best outcomes possible for our patients.”

Founded in 1987, CCRM Fertility provides families with the fastest path to the healthiest baby, offering access to a national network of award-winning physicians, a full suite of fertility services, innovative technology and cutting-edge labs. Its world-class fertility specialists invented techniques and protocols that are widely practiced in the industry today, including comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) and in vitro culture of human embryos to the blastocyst stage. CCRM Fertility delivers clinical excellence and some of the highest success rates industry wide.

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About CCRM Fertility

Founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft in 1987, CCRM (Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine) Fertility is the nation’s leader in fertility care and research. CCRM Fertility specializes in the most advanced fertility treatments, with deep expertise in in vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility assessment, fertility preservation, genetic testing, third party reproduction and egg donation. Unlike many other fertility clinics that outsource their specialists and testing needs, CCRM Fertility leverages its own data, as well as a dedicated team of in-house reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and geneticists in order to deliver industry-leading outcomes. CCRM Fertility operates 11 fertility centers (including 26 offices) throughout North America, serving prospective parents in major metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, New York, Northern Virginia, Minneapolis, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Toronto. For more information, visit ccrmivf.com, become a fan on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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