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CCRM Fertility Expands its Services With World-Class Reproductive Urology Care Addressing Growing Need for Sperm-Related Fertility Treatment

New nationwide survey finds that approximately one-third of survey respondents have undergone fertility testing; of those, 57% had an abnormal semen analysis

DENVERJune 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CCRM Fertility, the global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science, is now offering world-class reproductive urology care to provide integrated and comprehensive fertility care to men, those who were assigned male at birth and their partners. A meta-analysis published in Human Reproduction found that sperm counts have declined 50% in just 40 years. By offering high-quality urology care in-house, CCRM Fertility can better address the growing need for sperm-related fertility treatment and modernize how individuals and couples can access reproductive urology experts and resources to improve their chances of a successful pregnancy.

According to a new survey of 1,000 men, ages 25-54, 39% of men are currently concerned with their fertility/reproductive health. The nationwide survey conducted by CCRM Fertility also found that approximately one-third of survey respondents have undergone fertility testing, either using at-home fertility test kits or in a physician’s office, and of those, 57% had an abnormal semen analysis.

“What many people don’t realize is that about half of cases of infertility are attributed to sperm-related issues,” said Dr. Barrett Cowan, a CCRM Fertility network reproductive urologist and co-founder of Posterity Health. “By having high-quality male and fertility care and services under one roof, we can accelerate the fertility journey helping to improve sperm parameters and success rates.”

The following reproductive urology services are available at participating CCRM Fertility network clinics provided in partnership with Posterity Health: semen analysis, male fertility workup, fertility preservation consult, testicular sperm extraction (TESE), percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration, testicular microdissection (micro-TESE)* and microscopic varicocele repair*.

“We’re excited to now offer high-quality reproductive urology care at CCRM Fertility network clinics,” CCRM Fertility CEO Bob LaGalia. “Through integrated fertility care, we can better understand the fertility status of both partners, offer patients a more unified experience and the fastest path to parenthood.”

To learn more about CCRM Fertility reproductive urology services and participating clinics, visit ccrmivf.com. To schedule a new patient consult, call (970) 400-7775.

*Procedure is performed at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and select CCRM Fertility clinics

About CCRM Fertility
CCRM Fertility is a global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science. Founded by Dr. William Schoolcraft over 35 years ago, CCRM Fertility specializes in the most advanced fertility treatments, with deep expertise in IVF, fertility testing, egg freezing, preimplantation genetic testing, third party reproduction and egg donation. CCRM Fertility leverages its own data and a dedicated team of in-house reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and geneticists to deliver industry-leading outcomes. CCRM Fertility is a proud strategic partner of Unified Women’s Healthcare, which is accelerating meaningful change in women’s healthcare by building healthy, innovative and mission-driven businesses to meet the comprehensive needs of women across the entirety of their health journey. For more information, visit www.ccrmivf.com.

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