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Dr. Katz-Jaffe is a reproductive geneticist who completed her Masters and Ph.D. at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. After receiving her doctorate in 2004 she moved to the U.S. to join the research and clinical teams at the National Foundation for Fertility Research and the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Lone Tree, CO. Dr. Katz-Jaffe’s research as Scientific Director is focused on identifying genetic and other molecular processes associated with human infertility. Specifically, her focus is on the consequences of advanced reproductive age on both male and female gametes, recurrent miscarriage and repeated implantation failure. Dr. Katz-Jaffe’s laboratory has extensive research and clinical interests in comprehensive chromosome screening of human blastocysts which has been translated into a clinical protocol resulting in significant improvements to live birth rates following the transfer of chromosomally normal blastocysts. She also has published the first studies utilizing mass spectrometry based platforms to investigate the human embryonic secretome.

Identifying non-invasive biomarkers of embryo competence via the embryonic secretome could further assist in embryo selection and the development of new clinical assays to improve IVF outcomes. Other areas of research currently being investigated by Dr. Katz-Jaffe’s research group include investigating the embryo-endometrial molecular dialogue during the time of implantation and determining the epigenetic profile of viable and competent embryos.

Dr. Katz-Jaffe Peer-Reviewed Publications

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