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Egg Donation

Young woman consulting fertility specialist

Before her eggs are retrieved, the donor will administer daily injections of hormones at home for 9 to 14 days to increase the number of eggs that are matured each month. During that time, she will be seen at the clinic frequently so her care can be carefully monitored and to ensure her medications are working properly. For the retrieval, the donor is sedated and a tiny needle is used to remove each egg from each follicle.

Donating your eggs is a low-risk procedure. CCRM’s physicians and clinical staff are among the very best in their field, so you can be confident you will receive excellent care.

You will be given full anesthesia, so you will feel no pain during the procedure. As an egg donor, you will give an average of nine to 18 of the approximate 200,000 eggs most women have at age 21. Some donors can even produce over 20 eggs safely.

Afterwards, donors describe feeling “uncomfortable” or like they are “having cramps” for a day or two. The procedure typically takes 20 to 30 minutes, but you will remain in the clinic for a total of two to three hours to ensure you are well and ready to return home.

We encourage you and every woman considering becoming an egg donor to ask questions, so you can make an informed decision.

Egg donation does comes with its risks, so we make sure that every donor has a consult with a medical provider or nurse to review the risks and ensure that each donor has informed consent.

What egg Donors are Saying About CCRM

“I was an egg donor at CCRM and I found them through a google search. I have absolutely NO regrets. I cannot express how painless and easy the process of egg donation was because of the helpful staff at CCRM. Julie was my donor nurse at the Lone Tree location, and I highly recommend her. Everything from the beginning to end was handled very professionally. They give you the right tools and support to go through this process by yourself. They are there to support you, but they won’t be holding your hand the entire time (something I LOVED). They are very thorough, and I knew that I was always in great hands. I helped a family in need, but this place made this process a walk in the park. If you’re a female looking for a place to donate, don’t look any further, this is the place.”

“I can only speak on behalf of the egg donor department and the surgery center. I did not speak with or meet any of their doctors besides when I was going into my egg retrieval, but this was not enough time to properly evaluate him or his work. I will say the egg donation coordinators are all amazing. I worked with Christy throughout my second donation cycle (first with CCRM) and she was the best!! She was always available by phone or email and responded back quickly. She was very caring and walked me through the entire process throughly during my screening appointment. This clinic is THROUGH. Their screening process was long but none of it was spent waiting in waiting rooms. They know how to schedule everything appropriately and in a timely manner which I really appreciated. Once I started the fertility medications I had an ultrasound and blood work done daily. This was unlike my first cycle as they only would do an ultrasound and blood work every other day. This is a way better system because they could tell my Hormone levels became too elevated!! They also let me know this multiple times and didn’t keep me in the dark like other egg donation centers do. The lab techs and radiology techs are great and I would never bruise when my blood was drawn, unlike how I usually do. They are all sweet! I could not speak more highly of the surgery center as they were very clean and had each patient in their own surgical waiting room. Most fertility centers have everyone in one big room with curtains to separate you. The nurse let my companion come back with me which was awesome when other places do not because they are worried about privacy. My surgical nurse was very kind as well and made sure I was feeling relaxed the entire time. All details for comfort were accounted for as they even numb your arm before placing the IV. Before you go into surgery they let you speak with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist quickly who were both very nice. The anesthesiologist kept making jokes until I was out in order to help calm any nerves. One thing I really liked about this clinic was that they wheel you into the surgery suite after giving you meds to become sleeping instead of making you walk in and giving you meds then. I cannot speak more highly of them. Thank you CCRM!!”

“This was my third egg donation (as a donor) completed through CCRM and they amaze me every time. The appointments are always efficient and the staff is incredible. Julie has been my nurse during each cycle and has gone above and beyond to answer any questions that I have had. CCRM has made me feel like part of their family and that has contributed in making the whole experience enjoyable. I have nothing but great things to say about this group.”

“This was my first time as an egg donor. I didn’t know what to expect. I received excellent service from the nurses, ultrasound technicians and all support faculty. I received very thorough instruction and knew what to expect. I did not experience much discomfort during the process. The medications were clearly outlined and I felt equipped to administer them to myself on a daily basis. The day of the retrieval was peaceful and smooth. I didn’t even know that I was done with the procedure when I awoke. I could tell that the doctor and anesthesiologist were very competent. I am very pleased with the program and my participation within the program.”

“Today was my second visit here for my final testing for my interest in becoming a donor. My first visit 3 months ago was shorter but I had a good overall experience. I was told todays visit would take about 4 hours which it did. I had an awesome experience during my entire visit. From the receptionist, doctor, psychologist, nurses, phlebotomist and even to the lady working at the food kiosk. I was given a lot of information on the whole process as well as the possible risks, totally put me at ease knowing. Every staff member was comforting and I’m just overall really pleased with my experience today. I look forward to going through the donation process if all my testing comes back as planned!”

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