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Before her eggs are retrieved, the donor will administer daily injections of hormones at home for 9 to 14 days to increase the number of eggs that are matured each month. During that time, she will be seen at the clinic frequently so her care can be carefully monitored and to ensure her medications are working properly. For the retrieval, the donor is sedated and a tiny needle is used to remove each egg from each follicle.

Donating your eggs is a low-risk procedure. CCRM’s physicians and clinical staff are among the very best in their field, so you can be confident you will receive excellent care.

You will be given full anesthesia, so you will feel no pain during the procedure. As an egg donor, you will give an average of nine to 18 of the approximate 200,000 eggs most women have at age 21. Some donors can even produce over 20 eggs safely.

Afterwards, donors describe feeling “uncomfortable” or like they are “having cramps” for a day or two. The procedure typically takes 20 to 30 minutes, but you will remain in the clinic for a total of two to three hours to ensure you are well and ready to return home.

We encourage you and every woman considering becoming an egg donor to ask questions, so you can make an informed decision.

Egg donation does comes with its risks, so we make sure that every donor has a consult with a medical provider or nurse to review the risks and ensure that each donor has informed consent.

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