‘Fertility FM’ Podcast: Episode 4- Empowering Conversations: Black Fertility Matters

2023-12-02T12:21:47-07:00December 2nd, 2023|

Presented by: CCRM Team and Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson, in collaboration with Dear Media

Empowering Conversations: Black Fertility Matters

Empowering Conversations: Black Fertility Matters, brings together Whitney Port, Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson, and Nicole Walters for an insightful discussion on black fertility. This episode tackles the crucial topics of representation, equity, and personalized support in fertility care, particularly for the black community.

CCRM | IRMS fertility specialist Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson offers us her extensive knowledge and compassionate guidance. In a profound statement, Dr. Thompson captures a core issue: “It breaks my heart when I have patients come in and have had inappropriate procedures just because they weren’t ‘seen’.” This powerful quote lays bare the systemic challenges black women face in fertility treatments, emphasizing the dire need for more inclusive and empathetic healthcare practices.

The episode also highlights CCRM Fertility’s Black Fertility Matters Fund, a dedicated effort to enhance access and advocacy for black individuals and families on their fertility journey. This initiative represents a significant stride towards bridging the gap in fertility care, offering resources and support specifically tailored to the black community’s needs.

Whitney Port and Nicole Walters contribute their perspectives, enriching the conversation with their experiences and emphasizing the importance of open discussions about fertility challenges in the black community. Their insights, combined with Dr. Thompson’s expertise, make for a truly educational and empowering dialogue.

We invite you to join Whitney, Nicole, Dr. Thompson and the multitude of voices that make up the fertile community at Fertility FM.

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