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Groundbreaking Research

We are dedicated to keeping hope alive through fertility research.

The joy a couple experiences as they hold their child for the first time inspires the work we do every day. Only recently has infertility been recognized and classified as a real disease that needs dedicated research and funding to fight it and find a cure.

As part of his legacy, Dr. William Schoolcraft, a world-renowned fertility specialist who has helped couples have children for decades, brought together leading researchers in the field of reproductive medicine to create a highly motivated research team to fight this disease.

Today, CCRM Research is an acclaimed group who continues to make significant progress in reproductive medicine. And we are working hard to continue to fund the research that is helping couples around the world experience the joy of having a baby.

Mandy Katz-Jaffe, PhD
Mandy Katz-Jaffe, PhDScientific Director
Dr. Katz-Jaffe is a reproductive geneticist who completed her Masters and Ph.D. at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. After receiving her doctorate in 2004 she moved to the U.S. to join the research and clinical teams at the National Foundation for Fertility Research and the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine in Lone Tree, CO. [Read More]
Katz-Jaffe Lab
Rebecca Krisher, PhD
Rebecca Krisher, PhDResearch Director
Dr. Krisher is a Reproductive Biologist focusing on oocyte and embryo physiology. Dr. Krisher received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Hanover College, followed by a M.S. in Animal Sciences from North Carolina State University. She then worked at Granada BioSciences research division in College Station, Texas, before completing her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech. [Read More]
Krisher Lab
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