In Vitro Oocyte Maturation Study

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CCRM Colorado is currently seeking female participants for a new in vitro maturation (IVM) clinical research study.

IVM requires minimal hormonal stimulation to encourage the development of small follicles. Eggs within these follicles are retrieved in an immature state and are then matured in the IVF laboratory. Once mature, in vitro fertilization and embryo culture in the study proceeds identically to a standard IVF cycle. Based on extensive published research, CCRM has developed a novel maturation system that will be used in this clinical study.

Since IVM does not require aggressive stimulation of the ovaries with fertility medications, it dramatically reduces the number of injections the patients must receive and reduces the side effects often present with hormone treatment, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).


To qualify for the study, participants must be 38 years old or younger and have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or have an antral follicle count (AFC) of 25 or greater. All participants must undergo a full fertility work-up at any CCRM location to determine if they qualify for the study. Participants are responsible for the cost of the fertility work-up.

If accepted into the study, treatment will take place at CCRM Colorado. Treatment costs associated with both IVM and CCS will be covered by CCRM with the exception of medications. Study participants will responsible for the cost of one month of the pill and might be responsible for FSH costs. Participants should speak with their physician for further information.

If you are interested in pursuing participation in the IVM study, call 303-788-8300 to set up a new patient consultation.

Questions about the study? Please contact:
Rachel Makloski

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