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Working Woman Freezes Her Biological Clock

Maureen Collins, a 35-year-old communications professional living in Denver, knew her chance to have kids was slipping away. An only child, she knew women on the maternal side of her family had struggled to have children. “My mother and my aunt both tried to have more than one child, but were not able to. I’ve known the odds were not ‘ever in my favor,’ as the saying goes.”

Adding to her infertility challenges was Maureen’s age and life situation. She was 32 and was not married.

“I heard about CCRM through a best friend who had gotten her eggs frozen. She said, ‘Why chance it. You should go to CCRM and get your eggs frozen.’”

In 2014, Maureen heeded her friend’s counsel. “I’m so glad I followed her advice. I know that without the egg freezing I would have a very slim chance of ever giving birth to a child, and now I feel like I have time back on my side.”

This fall Maureen and her husband Tommy, now living in Boston, plan to use her frozen eggs for IVF to finally begin building their family. The couple is “thrilled” that CCRM Boston is opening so that they will have an infertility clinic they trust that is close to home.

“I was an only child, and I’d really like my child to have siblings,” she said. “I went through two rounds of egg freezing to up the odds that my first baby can have a sibling. So many couples with infertility issues are out there suffering in silence. That’s why I’m comfortable telling people about this. It needs to be discussed so that other women can look into egg freezing early on, so they don’t have to be as concerned later.”

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