If at First You Don’t Conceive: A Complete Guide to Infertility from One of the Nation’s Leading Clinics2017-05-27T06:44:55-06:00

Project Description

February 16, 2010

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine


More than 7.3 million women in the United States are unable to have children because of infertility challenges, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Women and men diagnosed with infertility often feel overwhelmed and panicked; they are eager for accessible information and medically sound guidance. In this breakthrough book, Dr. Schoolcraft, one of the most renowned fertility specialists, offers hope to prospective parents by explaining what they need to know, including:

      • choosing the right physician and clinic
      • finding proven treatments for each condition
      • dealing with the emotional challenges of infertility
    • understanding the financial aspects of treatment

The Complete Guide to Overcoming Infertility offers the latest information in the key areas of fertility drugs, insemination, in vitro fertilization, male infertility treatments, fertility options for cancer patients, and much more. It saves millions of hopeful parents from suffering and confusion by allowing them to become their own best advocates in the fight for fertility.


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All proceeds benefit the Colorado Foundation for Fertility Research