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COVID Shot Early On In Pregnancy Better For Baby

According to a new study, the earlier in pregnancy women are vaccinated, the more COVID antibodies newborns have when born.

By Jessica Tucker
April 7, 2021

Because the COVID vaccine only became available at the end of last year and none of the trials included pregnant women, it is understandable that some of those who are expecting may still be leery about getting the vaccine. However, now that more trials are being conducted on pregnant women, it is becoming clear just how important it is for mothers-to-be to get their vaccine before they deliver to provide their baby with antibodies. And according to a new study, the earlier that the COVID vaccine is received during pregnancy, the better it is for the baby.

According to a new study conducted by Northwestern University School of Medicine, the earlier that a pregnant woman receives her COVID vaccine, the more antibodies are transferred to her baby.