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Project Description

September 23, 2009

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine

The Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM) completed more than 150 egg donor cycles in 2008, and CCRM anticipates doing more than 200 in 2009. In 2008 CCRM completed 147 egg donor transfers with an 88.8% ongoing pregnancy rate. In 2007 CCRM completed 219 egg donor transfers with an 84.0% ongoing pregnancy rate.  Couples are matched with a donor based on physical characteristics, personalities, and the recipient couple’s specific requirements.

Unlike other Reproductive Centers which have recipients pick donors who have not been screened yet, CCRM has a very unique approach to the donor screening process. CCRM is continuously screening young donors, and these donors are not presented to the recipient couple until they have completed and passed all the required screening tests. This results in the recipient couple and their selected donor being able to move forward immediately after being matched. Thus, unlike other Centers in which it routinely takes over a year to complete an egg donation cycle, many recipient couples at CCRM can complete their entire cycle including the pregnancy test within six months of their new patient appointment.

The best news of all is that live birth rates at CCRM have consistently been among the highest reported for donor IVF in the world. Recent egg donor IVF take home baby rates per embryo transfer for CCRM include:

2006 – 79.6% (201 transfers completed)

2005 – 70.3% (165 transfers completed)

2004 – 81.2% (202 transfers completed)

2003 – 70.5% (210 transfers completed)

2002 – 74.1% (228 transfers completed)

2001 – 71% (197 transfers completed)

2000 – 67% (175 transfers completed)

1999 – 71% (158 transfers completed)

Since many of our 2008 patients are still pregnant, our 2008 IVF donor pregnancy live birth rate is not available yet.

CCRM has been a pioneer in the field of blastocyst development and transfers. This has allowed the transfer of only two embryos while maintaining a high pregnancy rate.  When two embryos are transferred the risk of multiple pregnancies beyond twins is decreased. CCRM has completed more than 2,000 blastocyst transfers since the inception of this process in 1998.

The entire staff at CCRM welcomes the opportunity to help recipients under the age of 50 realize their dream of having a baby. Egg donation is the perfect option for many of these women, and it may be the only option for woman over the age of 44. Over 40% of our egg donor recipients come from outside Colorado. To schedule a new patient appointment to discuss donor egg IVF with a CCRM physician please call 303-788-8300.

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine