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Marius Meintjes, Ph.D., H.C.L.D.

Dr. Meintjes is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director, a Human Embryology Laboratory Director, a Technical Supervisor, and a Clinical Consultant through the American Board of Bioanalysts. Currently, he is one of 3 embryologists in the United States that are also certified as a Senior Clinical Embryologist by the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology. He has served as the Program Director and Scientific Director for the ARTS programs at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, and Harris Methodist Hospital. Today, Dr. Meintjes serves as an advisor for numerous national and international fertility companies. IVF laboratories under his direction consistently rate among some of the best in the United States. Dr. Meintjes is frequently featured as a national and international speaker on IVF laboratory excellence and design, as well as on various aspects of the optimization of assisted reproduction procedures and outcomes. He has published many book chapters and papers on these topics in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Growing up on a rural farm in Africa, Dr. Meintjes decided to pursue an education during his college years and completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Medical degree, and Ph.D. During this time, Dr. Meintjes had many firsts in the burgeoning field of assisted reproductive technology, which began with treatments of animals. Dr. Meintjes completed his Doctorate degree in reproductive physiology and embryo biotechnology at Louisiana State University (LSU) under the tutelage of the renowned Dr. Robert A. Godke, who trained many reproductive physiologists, embryologists, reproductive scientists, and laboratory directors in the field of human infertility. While at LSU, Dr. Meintjes participated in developing numerous innovative techniques in assisted reproduction and embryo biotechnology, which assists in bringing some of the best treatments to infertility patients. After graduation, Dr. Meintjes functioned in various capacities at fertility centers in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

IVF laboratories under Dr. Meintjes’ direction consistently rate among the top 10 in the United States. In founding The Institute, Dr. Meintjes paid careful attention to every detail, from the recovery rooms to egg retrieval and exam rooms, but he especially focused on the $4 million laboratory. Some noteworthy features of this lab he built include:

  • EmbyroScope® technology; top of the line embryo video monitoring system that precisely measures which embryos are most viable and incubates and controls their environment so outside forces do not disrupt growth
  • Personally designed the lab’s air filtration system for quality assurance
  • A backup generator was installed to ensure no outside forces would cause the lab’s safety measures to fail
  • Researched optimal oxygen levels in embryo incubators and incorporated his findings into the lab (lower levels of oxygen aids development, which helps strike a better balance between male and female embryo survival rate, bringing the ratio to nearly identical to what is found in nature).

Dr. Meintjes was invited to speak at the following prestigious seminars:

  • European Society Human Reproduction & Embryology, Helsinki, Finland (2016)
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Post-Graduate Faculty (2017)

He is also responsible for these ground-breaking achievements in reproductive medicine:

  • The first horse ICSI pregnancy
  • The first IVF calf from a pregnant cow, which is now a commercial model for breeding
  • The first horse IVF embryos so that breeders could ensure offspring had reproductive quality
  • The first IVF kid goat birth using trans-vaginal egg retrieval (noninvasive procedure)
  • Recognized for extensive work in Africa for helping save endangered species through assisted reproductive technology

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