Why Partner?

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Why Partner?

CCRM is focused on partnering with you through the laboratory. Advances in research and development are continuously improving clinical outcomes for IVF patients. At CCRM we believe the laboratory is a critical component of IVF success. This belief is based on our experiences at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine and the National Foundation for Fertility Research. The laboratory is the conduit through which the majority of scientific advances improve clinical outcomes. At CCRM, our dedicated Corporate Lab Director focuses on ensuring all network labs are performing up to the CCRM standards, and that the CCRM IP and best practices are being effectively leveraged to help achieve industry leading success rates across the network. By partnering with leading physicians, leveraging our investment in R&D, and establishing state-of-the-art laboratories, CCRM believes we provide the best IVF solution for patients and physicians.
At the forefront of advancing IVF outcomes for our partner labs are the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (“CCRM”) and the National Foundation for Fertility Research (“NFFR”). Both CCRM and NFFR combine leading researchers and clinicians in the field of reproductive medicine to create a highly motivated team to improve fertility treatment outcomes. As a result of CCRM and NFFR’s significant and ongoing investment in research and development, CCRM achieves leading success rates both in the United States and internationally. The CCRM network establishes partnerships with the foremost physicians and IVF laboratories to expand patient access to the key intellectual property and best practices that drive our high success rates.
With over 400 clinics across the United States, physicians are facing increased competition for patient volume. In addition, patients are becoming ever more educated consumers of IVF services. At CCRM, we believe this combination of increased competition and patient education creates an environment where scale, reach, and brand will be a significant competitive advantage. By creating a national and international network with scale and reach coupled with a brand associated with cutting edge technology, leading success rates, and boutique level patient care, we will be the market leader.
CCRM has defined processes and a dedicated team of professionals focused on helping our partner physicians with:

  • Lab and Surgery Center Development
  • Operations
  • Human Resources Functions
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Business Development Efforts
Increased patient volume and retention are important components of every physician’s practice. To help attract and retain patients, CCRM offers its proprietary Assure IVF Refund Program.
Although CCRM is a best practices and IP driven model, we also provide our partner physicians with a variety of other support services including:

  • Group Purchasing Organization
  • HR Support (recruitment, staffing, etc.)
  • Marketing Support
  • Standardized Consent Forms
  • Benchmarking Data

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