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Fertility House Calls

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Your Journey Starts at Home

Struggling to get pregnant?

Don’t know what to do next? Let’s figure it out together.

We hear you. The first steps in your fertility journey can be overwhelming—Fertility House Calls is here to help.

Fertility House Calls is a program that connects you to an experienced CCRM fertility nurse so that you can ask questions and explore care options, all from the comfort of your home or wherever is most convenient for you.

How Does it Work?


Schedule an in-person appointment with a CCRM fertility nurse by clicking here.


A CCRM patient support representative will reach out to confirm your appointment and walk you through what to expect.


On the day of your appointment, a CCRM fertility nurse will visit you wherever you feel most comfortable—at home, the office, or even your favorite coffee shop.

With Fertility House Calls, you get


Connect with a trusted fertility clinic and speak with an experienced nurse, face to face.


Ask questions, get personalized advice, and talk through the next steps that make sense for you.


Forget the waiting room. An experienced nurse will come to you and meet wherever is most convenient.

Schedule An Appointment Today!

Before Your Fertility House Call Appointment

Compile a List of Questions

We recommend writing down a list of questions before your appointment to ensure that you don’t forget or miss your chance to ask what’s on your mind. [Your Top Fertility Questions Answered!]

Prepare to Take Notes

Get a notebook or tablet to take down any instructions or details to help you process what you’ve learned and to remember important details.

During Your Fertility House Calls Appointment

Meet With CCRM Fertility Specialists

During your Fertility House Call, a CCRM nurse will discuss your family-building goals and describe possible next steps, including recommended fertility testing. After you speak with your nurse, you will meet with a CCRM financial advisor to discuss any insurance coverage you may have and potential out-of-pocket costs for fertility testing, as well as financing plans.

At the end of the appointment, you will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a member of CCRM’s Patient Support Center to complete fertility testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re offering Fertility House Calls for free through June!

We currently offer Fertility House Calls in the Denver area. Not in Denver? Don’t worry. A CCRM representative is still available to talk through the options available to you now. Reach out to us at (877) 201-6931 or click here.

There will be two representatives from CCRM Fertility at your appointment – a trained fertility nurse and financial advisor. We will send you a photo of who to expect with your appointment confirmation

That is completely your decision! We want to meet you wherever you feel the most comfortable. We suggest that it’s somewhere relaxing to you, where you can be at ease to share your journey with us.

If you’ve never received fertility treatment before and are between the ages of 25-35, you’d be a great candidate for Fertility House Calls.

If you are trying to conceive with a partner, we recommend they be at the house call with you. This helps answer questions for both partners and allows you to share the initial information together. In 30+ years, CCRM found couples who can start together have the best experience.

If you can’t make your appointment, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. CCRM will charge a $150 fee if you cancel less than 24 hours beforehand, or a $325 fee if you do not cancel and do not show up to your appointment.

We know that fertility treatment costs can be a major source of stress during the fertility treatment process. CCRM believes in transparent pricing – we want you to feel confident about your total cost of treatment. The breakdown of costs for common treatments at CCRM Colorado are available here. Please note that testing and treatment costs will vary depending on your history and customized treatment plan. CCRM’s Patient Financial Services is available at (303) 781-1085 for more information regarding Egg or Embryo Banking packages, Egg Donor or Gestational Carrier services, and other discounted packages and services.

We collect your credit card information in case of cancellations or no-shows. We will not charge your credit card unless you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment or miss your appointment without cancelling.

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