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Assure IVF Refund Program

CCRM physicians and staff are dedicated to the successful outcome that their patients expect: the live birth of a baby. We recognize that economic resources for treatment may be limited for many people, and thoughtful consideration must be given to financial planning. Therefore, we have partnered with the Assure IVF Refund Program.

The Assure IVF Refund Program allows patients to pay a fixed, discounted fee for up to three fresh IVF cycles and three frozen embryo transfers. The refund program fee is based on the established IVF charges at your CCRM location.

If, after completing the allotted cycles, there has not been a successful birth, or if the patient is withdrawn from the program for clinical reasons, the patient will receive a refund of between 80% and 100% of the program fees (patient and treatment dependent).

Patient acceptance into the program is based on several criteria:

  • Patients must be 39 years of age or younger at the time of application
  • Patients must meet certain clinical criteria (which will be tested at CCRM)
  • A patient’s past IVF experience (if any)

The Assure IVF Refund Program includes:

  • Three fresh IVF cycles and three frozen embryo transfers
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Other services (contact your local CCRM business office for details)

*There are some services which are not included in the program and must be paid for separately.

Participating CCRM Locations:

  • CCRM Colorado
  • CCRM Houston
  • CCRM Minneapolis
  • CCRM Northern Virginia

For more information, contact Alison Widmer, the Assure IVF Refund Program Administrator at: or 720-201-8661.