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Fertility Success Rates

//Fertility Success Rates
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Fertility Success Rates

CCRM is a proud member of SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies) whose mission is to establish and maintain standards for ART, so that you receive the best level of care possible. As a requirement for membership, SART-member fertility clinics must adhere to the highest standards for quality, safety, advertising and patient care. Outcomes are required to be reported in a strictly defined and standardized fashion. SART member clinics are subject to routine auditing to assure that they are in compliance. We are proud that the CCRM network includes two past Presidents, and several past and president Executive Board members of SART.

The 5% of programs in the U.S. who do not report to SART send data directly to the CDC are not obligated to adhere to these guidelines without control over how their data is presented in clinic generated publications or websites.

As a SART member, CCRM remains committed to transparent and honest reporting of IVF success rates.

SART Success Rates

CDC Statistics

To note: There are no SART and CDC success rates published for our newer CCRM network locations. SART success rates are two years old and CDC success rates are three years old at the time they are published.

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